Friday, November 30, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Beauty Claus is coming to town for Miss Tiya in Lexington, Kentucky!!!!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Ms. New Beauty knows that her lack of posts lately is just horrible. She tries to add something fresh and new to the beauty blog world at least twice a week, but sometimes life just gets in the way. And since her last post, a big project at work, scrambling to find a fried turkey for Thanksgiving, moving into a new apartment, and a reinvigoration of her workout routine have surely gotten in the way. And, it's quite shameful since MNB has quite a few posts bouncing around her mind and a backlog of reader questions to answer but she hasn't been able to get her fingers to the keyboard to get it to all make sense. But today, she's finally going to post on a pesky skin problem that she's been intending to write about forever, and the timing couldn't be more perfect since she just got this email in her mailbox.

Hey Ms. New Beauty!

I have a question about this darned acne. I get these pimples that look like they are under the skin and they almost never come to a head. It is beyond fusterating. I heard that this happens because my "root" (?) is too small for the amount of sebum that I have in it, therefore it causes the sebum to erupt the root, causing a scar on my otherwise, decent face. What say you msnewbeauty?

Small Roots, Big Acne


As, we all know (or at least we should by now), Ms. New Beauty is nobody's dermatologist. But this is one skin issue that I feel pretty confident in diagnosing, simply because I've dealt with this problem myself. Your roots aren't too small, your sebum isn't too big. These bumps sound to me like milia. Milia are those little white bumps that never seem to pop and never seem to go away. What causes them is a lack of natual exfoliation by your skin. The bump forms when your skin cells get trapped rather than slough off naturally.

Instead of trying to pop them, the best way to address milia is to simply over-compensate for you skin by stepping up your exfoliation. I was having a full out battle with this annoyances earlier in the fall, but incorporating a daily scrub to my routine solved the problem. These two scrubs combine both chemical and physical exfoliants and help ward off these tiny little problems.

Proactiv Solution Deep Cleansing Wash

This cleanser is a great exfoliator that also prevents acne and breakouts. Though it's very thick and smooth, it is absolutely packed with tiny little scrubbers that are effective enough to really get your skin clean deep down but are gently enough to use everyday. You can really go to town with the scrubbing and your skin won't be the slightest bit irritated or dried out. Its also a salicylic acid based exfoliant. Salicylic acid is one of the most common ingredients in acne cleansers and gels because it is a powerful exfoliant. You'll get the benefits of clear skin and you'll be able to prevent those bumps from forming. I always pay special attention to the area around my chin and mouth which I find are particularly prone to milia.

This retails for about $30 at various online stores, but you should know how I feel about buying Proactiv on eBay (if you don't know or haven't been reading Ms. New Beauty faithfully - how could you not? - I love it and I only buy Proactiv from eBay!). Currently, this cleanser's going for about $15 (including shipping!) on eBay.

Peter Thomas Roth Blemish Buffing Beads

Peter Thomas Roth is one of the few men in my life who can do absolutely no wrong. I really love him. (And by him, I mean all the products that bear his name, and by his, I mean the name of the company because who really knows if a "Peter Thomas Roth" really exists). This scrub is by far one of PTR's standout products. Combining both salicylic glycolic acids, it really does exfoliate, unclog your pores, and prevent acne. Again, it's very gentle and you can use it everyday. The added benefit of this scrub is that you can use it on your face to prevent breakouts and milia and you can also use it on your shoulders if back-ne is a problem for you too.

$36, available only at Sephora

DERMAdoctor has a great in-depth article on milia that you can check out for more information. You should also know, DERMAdoctor is one of the best skincare sites on the web. You can buy Dd products and other great skincare brands, plus you get the benefit of a whole library of articles written by the real dermatologist behind the brand, not just some random MD who lent out their name for the money.

Scrub your skin clear, and learn a little bit more about it in the process, just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Winterize Your Shower

Ms. New Beauty is from that part of the Northeast where around this time of year (or about a month earlier in pre-global warming times), most people talk about "winterizing." Family and neighbors are all abuzz with discussions of what it's going to take to get ready for winter. The cars need to be winterized. Meaning, snow chains need to get put on the tires, fresh anti-freeze goes into the engine or battery or whatever receptacle under the hood that holds the anti-freeze. Fresh ice scrapers go in the back seat and heavy duty windshield wipers get put on the windshield. Those particularly well adapted to cold weather crises even stock a five pound bag of sand or no frills kitty litter in the trunk for icy days. The house needs to be winterized too. Drafty windows get repaired or lined. Space heaters get pulled out of the basement. And, those heavy duty blankets get toseed on the bed. All this talk of winterizing and Ms. New Beauty is always amazed at how people neglect to winterize their skin. A true ash-phobe like MNB just cannot sit idly by and let the harsh winds and cold air suck the moisture out of the knuckles, knees, and lips that walk past her everyday. This post is now dedicated to preparing your skin to weather a weary winter without drying out.

In The Shower

The first step to keeping your skin soft, smooth and sexy this winter is in your shower. Moisturizing your situation is more than just slapping on some lotion before you get dressed. You've got to think about the end from the beginning and adjust accordingly. So, the products in this post will help keep you moisturized before you even towel off.

Now, most dermatolgists and women's magazines will advise you to take a lukewarm, not hot, shower this winter since high temperatures can dry your skin out even more. I, on the other hand, love a piping hot shower when the temperatures are dropping, so I've figured out others ways to compensate for it.

Carees Exotic Oil Infusion Body Wash

The first step to keeping your skin soft and smooth is to use a moisturizing body wash. As a rule of thumb, you only want to use opaque body washes in winter because they contain more moisturizers and are less drying. If you can see through it, don't use it.

The most moisturizing body washes I've used are the latest cream oil formulas and this one is my favorite. The texture is rich and creamy. It almost looks like a thick lotion or body cream. When I first squeezed this onto my loofah, I almost didn't expect it to lather up. But it did. It produces a really rich lather with a great scent. The best part is that it is such a gentle cleanser that doesn't leave your skin stripped. This body wash features a blend of cassis cream and starflower oil. I'd be lying if I told you I knew what those are. I do know that whatever they are and where ever they're from, they work. After using this, you'll feel clean and moisturized, but not the slightest bit greasy.

About $5.99, available at drugstores

Neutrogena Body Oil

A lot of people like to mix a little bit of body oil in with their lotion in winter for extra hydration. But, by the time you've dried off and wrapped up in a towel, you've already lost the benefit of all the water you just doused yourself with in the shower. Before you step one foot out onto your bathmat, reach for this oil.

This nourishing sesame oil is the lightest oil I've ever used and has a decidedly pleasant scent. Just smooth it all over your skin before you get out of the shower. The oil locks in the moisture from the shower without leaving your skin coated in a heavy layer of grease. I find that by the time I'm done, I barely even need to towel off. Just be careful in applying it. Oil plus a wet shower floor can equal you busting your ass.

You can also skip your normal body cream or lotion after you're done smoothing on this oil, but that just feels so unnatural to me. I still use a lotion afterward, but I'm delighted by the fact that I don't really need to. In my mind, my lotion is just an added layer of protection and who couldn't use a little extra help in the War on Ash?

About $10.99, available at drugstores

Now, I know a lot of people swear by baby oil and this new body oil gel that are out on the market. I've tried them myself and I'll let you know why I chose to recommend this liquid formula instead. Baby oil and the Cocoa Butter Gel are mineral oil based formulas. And, though it coats your skin and leaves it feeling soft (if not, greasy), mineral oil cannot penetrate your skin. What it does is leave a soft layer on top of it. In doing so, it clogs up your pores and actually inhibits your skin's own system of moisturizing itself. Eventually, you'll find that the more you use these oils, the dryer your skin feels, and then the more you need to use them. So, I prefer to use only natural oils that are thinner and penetrate better.

Winterize your skin right in the shower, and standout as a soft, smooth beacon of light in this wintertime world of ashiness and dry skin, but just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Liking It Rough

Ms. New Beauty is really not one for the roughness of modern life. She prefers things soft and gentle. She simple adores her uber-soft high thread count sheets. She consistently wears an almost neon pink sweatshirt because the inside is as soft as egyptian cotton. And, MNB does not go for those harsh physical assaults that some spas call a massage. She'd much rather have a gentle rub down with hot stones placed strategically on her back and limbs. But, there is one place where Ms. New Beauty likes it rough. (No, not the bedroom, all you Filthy McNasties). MNB likes a little roughness from her scrubs. She fell in love with a rough body scrub when she had an authentic Tunisian gommage that made her skin feel as if it was being sandpapered off during the procedure and then instantly clean and softened after it was over. Since then, she's always taken pleasure in a rough body scrub in the shower. With the temperatures changing and wintertime dry skin just around the corner, Ms. New Beauty is in the market for an expanded repertoire of rough but just gentle enough body scrubs. Sadly, the last one she tried just isn't going to cut it.

Boots Mediterranean Olive, Bergamot & Walnut Body Scrub

I picked this up at Target about a month ago when I was there scoping out the Alice Temperly Collection. The price was so low and the jar was so big that I just knew it was going to become my new favorite shower staple. Whenever the weather turns cold, I always like to have a good body scrub in the shower to help exfoliate that dead, dry skin that often turns itchy. I typically go for a sugar or salt scrub with an oil based, like my lovely Brown Sugar Body Polish, but this one had me intrigued. With a base of creamy moisturizing olive, bergamot and walnut oils, I thought it could get the same job done for a lot less money. I was wrong.

The first thing that turned me off once I got this home was the texture. Initially the creamy texture made me think this would be like an in-shower lotion and body scrub all in one. Wrong. This scrub is really, really runny. It's way too runny to be in a big tub like this and would be better suited for a squeeze bottle. When I first used it, it ends up splattered all over my tub. Given it's pale yellowish-green color and brown scrubbing particles, it really looks like I've come down with a mid-shower case of the flu and vomited all over my tub. But, the worst part is that the scrubby particles meant to exfoliate are far too fine and far too few. I generally like big exfoliators that I can see, but I'll use a finer formula if it gets the job done. This does not because there really aren't enough particles here to exfoliate your body well. This really wouldn't even do much for your face either. This scrub isn't even as good as trusty old St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Boots needs to at least double or triple the amount of scrubbers in the formula for it to really have any impact. You can get a better exfoliation by rubbing yourself down with a loofah than you can get from this.

I'm not heartbroken that this was disappointing, but next time I'll surely spend my ten bucks on something that will make me happy, like the new L'Oreal H.I.P. Color Truth Cream Eyeliner in Purple or Navy.

$9.99, available at Target and CVS.

Save your money for something's that rough just the way you like it, and get your mind out of the gutter, but just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Hand It Over

One of Ms. New Beauty's favorite people on earth, her Partner in Crime, is about to turn 25. It's going to be a glorious celebration in Las Vegas replete with late nights, ignorant amounts of champagne, lots of short skirts and long legs, and one pair of fabulous Chanel shoes. MNB is quite excited to take part in the festivities especially since her Partner in Crime's birthday is the day before New Year's Eve. But in thinking about her friend turning 25, MNB came to the realization that this event means she'll soon be turning 25 too, since their birthdays are only about a month apart. For a beauty junkie like MNB, turning 25 means only that now she will officially fall within the target market for anti-aging skin care products and treatments. Now, Ms. New Beauty knows that she doesn't quite need wrinkle cream yet. Mama New Beauty still looks 10-15 years younger than she is, so MNB knows that her face won't be cracking any time soon. What she was surprised to learn is that her hands may not be so lucky. Since her hands have been wrinkled since birth, Ms. New Beauty can only imagine what they will look like once the signs of aging add to what genetics has already done. Not one to lay down and give up without a fight, MNB is taking matters into her own, for lack of a better word, hands.

Freeze 24-7 IceCrystals Anti-Aging Prep and Polish

Most anti-aging skin care products are far too rich and emollient for my face. My skin tends to be dry on my body and annoyingly oily on my face. So wrinkle creams and cleansers often make me break out. But, I recently learned that those creams that my face can't handle my body will readily drink up. So, I've been using traditional face creams on my hands and I'm quite happy with the results.

IceCrystals Prep and Polish is one of the scrubbiest exfoliants I have ever tried. The particles are small and fine but ridiculously powerful at their task. They scrub, scrub, scrub to get rid of layers or dead, dry skin without being too harsh or abrasive. What I really love about this scrub and what sets it apart from others I've tried is that it's creamy and moisturizing without being greasy. Many body scrubs are just way too oily to be effective for the hands. Unlike the skin on our bodies that really doesn't have much to do once we get dressed, your hands are constantly at work. And, anyone who's ever tried to open a door after applying a greasy lotion learned this lesson the hard way. IceCrystals is special in that it gives you the level of moisture you want and need in the most ingenious way. Within the scrub are encapsulated beads of jojoba oil. The beads help to exfoliate and during the course of the wash, they burst and leave behind soothing moisture. If you use it on your face, the jojoba beads actually let you skip your moisturizer afterwards. And, because this is an anti-aging product, it actually helps to reduce age and liver spots so your hands look younger.

$65, available at

Freeze 24-7 IceCream Double Scoop Smoothing Anti-Aging Moisturizer

After I'm done giving my hands their nightly scrub down before bed, I like to follow with this thick, rich moisturizer. This also is traditionally meant to be used on your face but I love the way it makes my hands feel. It's thick but sinks right in. It's rich but not the slightest bit greasy. I had been using Creme de La Mer on my hands right before bed, but I found that a little too greasy for me. (So, I'm using it on my feet instead. How ridiculously indulgent of me!) When I wake up in the morning, my persistently dry hands are softer and smoother and feel glorious.

Since the weather is changing, I've noticed that certain parts of my face are drier than normal, particularly right around my nose and mouth. So, I've also been putting on just a touch after my normal moisturizer has had a chance to sink in and absorb. All that dry tightness is gone but this doesn't make me any oilier. I really love that because any girl with oily skin will tell you that eradicating any bit of excess oil or shine in products or on your face quickly becomes your life's mission. I also have to admit that I get a bit of an Erica Kane rush of glamour by displaying a luxury face cream on my night stand and say "oh that, it's just for my hands" when friends ask what it is.

$105, available at

Neutrogena Illuminating Whip Moisturizer with SPF 20

The last part of my Young Fingers Forever trifecta was going to be a face cream with SPF that I can carry with me and use on my hands throughout the day. I am constantly washing my hands (germaphobe + small bladder = hands washed at least 15 times a day) and all that soap and water is really drying. Plus, I know that sun ages skin more than anything else and my hands are the one part of my body that is always unprotected and exposed to sun damage. The commercials for this product really got me excited, enough so that I scoured three drugstores looking for it. When I finally found it, I was in love with the texture. It's so light and whipped that it feels like applying some kind of moisturizing frosting to your hands. The jar is a little big for toting around, but I figured that I carry enough other crap in my purse all day that one more thing won't hurt. Well, I really have no need to carry it with me anymore because it only took one day to leave me unimpressed.

Now, the first word of the product's name is Illuminating, so that should have been a tip off for me. But, after reading it, I didn't think that illuminating meant tons of shimmery gold sparkles more fit for a disco than daytime wear. After I put this on, I looked down to find the palms of my hands almost completely shining with gold. I know that it's supposed to add radiance, but this much shimmer is a little too much. I thought maybe the effect was harsh just because it was on my hands, but I was similarly unimpressed after trying it on my face. The shimmer is more obvious than it ought to be and just not right to be used all over as a sunscreen. This would be better suited as highlighting cream for certain spots only. I also hate the smell. When you open the jar, it's overly perfumey and enough to send anyone with allergies into a fit of sneezing and headaches. Plus, I found that something in the formula reacted with the silver of my ring to produce a really horrible aroma. It's a nice idea in theory, but definitely needs more work to be a product worth investing in.

About $14.99, availabe at drugstores

Keep time off your hands, and be a little indulgent in the process, but remember that Ms. New Beauty told you!

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Blending In

Ms. New Beauty had a weird day yesterday. She was tired but she wasn't sleepy. She felt like a cold was coming on, but she wasn't congested. She was hungry but didn't know what she wanted to eat. She was thirsty but barely drank her favorite bottle water. MNB actually sat at her desk having to use the bathroom for an hour before she finally got up to do it. It was just a weird icky day. So, when the clock finally struck quitting time, she headed to the only place that could make her feel better - the Beauty Basement at Bergdorf Goodman. The fact that she works on the same block as BG is both a gift and a curse for Ms. New Beauty. She can head there for quick purchases whenever she needs to or she can be drawn in by the powerful magnetic shoppers field that emanates from the building and run up her credit cards. MNB had been good about avoiding the store for the past few weeks, but yesterday she knew that's where she need to go and she knew exactly what she needed to get.

Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation

I've been a fan of Prescriptives just about all my life. As a child, the only one of her perfumes that my mother would let me wear was Calyx, the sweetest fruitiest scent that's just perfect for a 10 year old heading to church on Sunday. It's always been a brand that I've respected and since the changeover from summer to fall always mandates a new foundation for me, I knew I'd give this a try. Recently, Beauty Bloggerville (which, of course, is the mystical land where all beauty bloggers reside) has been all aflutter and atwitter about Prescriptives Custom Blended Foundation. I've read reviews by some of my faves, like Tia Williams and the Beauty Snobs, that just gushed about the wonders of this foundation. Normally, I try to offer up reviews on products that haven't been reviewed a bunch of times before. I figure there's only so many times a person needs to read that Rosebud Salve works on dry lips. So, I was going to just get my foundation and post about something else. But, I just had to write my own review because it was just so beautiful on me!

At Bergdorf's, Jason was my mix master. After talking with him, I realized that he's also the mix master that Julia and Nichelle went to. All it took was a quick swipe to determine my undertones, though I suspect he knew my base color as soon as he saw me, and then he started mixing up my foundation. I expected some kind of scanning device to spit out an exact formula for him (didn't Prescriptives used to do that back in the day?). But he after he determined my correct base, he mixed my foundation by hand. He asked me what coverage level I'd like (sheer for me) and what additives would be best. I went with the mattifying shine absorber to complement the already oil-free formula since my skin gets oilier as the day goes on. He then added a bunch of different things and some colors that I never would have expected, like mustard yellow and ketchup red. I was certain that he would have to go back and tweak it to get things just right. My mind was thinking "come on, there's no way this'll match on the first try." But it did!

Once he shook the bottle and blended all the colors together, it went on seamlessly. It matched my skin perfectly! And when I say perfect, I mean PER-FECT. Not that "well this blends well enough because no one foundation is invisible" kind of perfect that we've started expecting from products that underperform. This was the "I'm sitting under the lighting on Oprah" perfect. You know that Oprah has the right lights and filters so everyone on her show looks amazing and ten years younger. That's what I looked like, but it real life. It's like I have my own personal airbrusher and photoshop whiz following me around and editing out the discoloration, the post-acne scars, the dark circles, the everything that's standing in between me and skin perfection.

The Custom Blend foundation automatically comes with a travel size bottle of your formula so that you can take it with you where ever you go. And, once the service is done, they keep your recipe on file so that you can get refills with ease. They can also use your foundation recipe to mix up all-over face concealers and powders to give you a complete regimen. The price is higher than most foundations, but it is well worth it.

$62, available at Prescriptives counters.

Look like you're under those Oprah lights all day, every day, and remember to sign up for the M.A.C. Holiday Collections Giveaway, but just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Take Your Baggage

Ms. New Beauty has always felt a real connection with the elderly. She loves to spend a lazy afternoon with a person of a certain age soaking up that wisdom and insight that only comes from having lived quite a long time. As a child, MNB spent almost every weekend with her grandmother, just asking questions like "Mom mom, why they do that?" and listening to the thoughtfulness of the response. The one thing that Ms. New Beauty has always loved about the elderly is the seemingly bottomless pit of platitudes that they all seem to have. Those simple sayings always make her laugh. A response to stay out past 10 met with a "ain't nothing open that late but 7-11 and legs!" will make Ms. New Beauty crack up on the spot. And, she carries the sageness of "when you see crazy walking towards you, cross the street" with her everyday. One of her favorites though is "when you put the devil out, make him take his baggage." It's so simple on its face, but much more profound after some consideration. MNB never thought this saying would relate to her skin care issues, but she's found that as a brown girl who gets a pimple that lasts for two day followed by a scar that lasts for two years, it's come in quite handy. She'd found the ways to get rid of her acne and now she's searching for the products that will get rid of the baggage those horrible blemishes left behind.

DERMAdoctor Immaculate Correction

There's been a big debate lately about the use of hydroquinone in cosmetics. One study showed that the chemical is a carcinogen and led the EU to ban its use and the FDA may be following suit. This has led to a big backlash from dermatologists claiming that people who use it in beauty products will not be applying it in levels high enough to cause cancer. The derms seem quite adamant about protecting the use of hydroquinone in over the counter skin treatments. Now, I'm nobody's doctor or scientist, so I'm not about to analyze each side for the merits of their arguments. But, it's enough for me that hydroquinone was carcinogenic under any condition. Whether a study can support it or not, I do believe that what you put on your body will eventually end up in your body. So, I spent a lot of time wandering around Sephora looking for a hydroquinone-free treatment to combat the post-acne scars that I have.

What I ended up getting is this and I've been very impressed with the results so far. The package suggests that optimal results will take 6-12 months, but I swear a pimple scar I have above my lip is getting lighter already. The day before my sister's wedding, I felt a pimple coming up so I tried to pop it in a preemptive strike. It didn't come up and look horrible on my face for the wedding, but in the days after I had a huge scab and following that, a very dark scar. Since then, I've been applying Immaculate Correction every morning and evening to the spot and it's getting lighter by the day. But, that may just be me, you definitely have to give skin lighteners at least a month or two to judge the results.

$62, available at Sephora

Bliss Sleeping Peel Liver Spot Lifter

This peel is intended for age spots and sun spots and not necessarily post-acne scars. But, I figured melanin is melanin so it should work. Wrong. This has been sitting in my medicine cabinet for months. When I first bought it, I slavishly applied it to my dark spots every night before. And, every morning I woke up and did not see one bit of progress. I don't know if there truly is a difference between dark spots caused by different skin damage, but this just did nothing for me. And, for the price, I need it to do something besides take up space in my already crowded bathroom. I also found the texture a little too runny and watery. With one pump, it became a race against time to get the serum onto my face before it all ran through my fingers and into the sink. All in all, nothing about this impressed me. Luckily, I bought it at Sephora, so I can take it back and treat myself to something else. Save your money on this one girls.

$52, available at Sephora

Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Acne Mark Fading Peel

Unlike most post-acne treatments, this is an exfoliant and not a skin lightener. This is a salicylic acid based peel that gently exfoliates your skin to leave it smoother and clearer. Over time, all that exfoliationg brings the dark spots up to the surface and then off of your face. Although the smell is a little weird to me (not bad, just weird), I really do enjoy using this on my face. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth afterwards and makes the perfect little at home skin indulgence. Plus, it really does help clear those marks up. Using this in tandem with the DERMAdoctor has left me needing less and less on the spot concealer in the morning.

About $14.99, available at drugstores.

Rx For Brown Skin Naturally Flawless Advanced Botanical Brightener

I wish I could give you a full review of this product, but I can't. And, here's why. As a Philly girl, I was so excited when this line launched at Sephora. Dr. Susan Taylor is a Philadelphia dermatologist and basically the first doctor to pay any attention to the special needs of skin of color. Before her, cosmetic companies didn't differentiate or even recognize the skin issues that are specific to women of color. She changed all that.

So, I went into the Center City Philadelphia Sephora, which I must note is about three blocks from Dr. Taylor's offices, looking for this line to try it and support. And, it was nowhere to be found. Not sold out, not out of stock, they just don't carry it. Considering that Rx for Brown Skin is a Sephora-exclusive line, Philadelphia is a city full of women with brown skin, and like I said, the store is right near Dr. Taylor's office, there's only one word that I can use to describe this situation - Travesty!!!! So, I can't review this product yet and it's all the Chestnut Street Sephora's fault. Hopefully, I'll be able to grab one in New York with no problem.

$34, available at Sephora (well, at least it's supposed to be)

Put your acne out, and get rid of its baggage too, just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!

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