Thursday, August 10, 2006

Not Quite a Beauty Post

But beauty and fashion go hand in hand. As summer comes to an end and fall clothes are already in stores, we can count on one thing - Clearance Sales!!!!!! One of my favorite online boutiques Shop Bop is having a massive end of summer clearance. Up to 70% off on summer clothes. For those of you who live in warm climates, take advantage. For everyone else, buy summer clothes and justify it by saying that you are building up your resort wardrobe.

I've already stocked up on my Juicy Couture sweats. They are selling pants, dresses and tops at 50% off, just $40 a piece. The velour or terry sweatsuit has gone from being a faddish item to a mainstay for fashionable relaxed days. They are the perfect choice when running simple errands and looks just as good with sneakers as they do with flip flops or wedges. Add hoop earrings and a cute tank and you're done.

Shop Bop is a great resource for flirty and fun pieces. Stock up on C+C California t-shirts and Havaina flip flops to go with them. Then, pick up a classic DVF dress and cute party girl sandals. And, they've just added free UPS ground shipping on every order. (I admit that I'm salty about that one because I just paid for shipping my order last week.)

And, don't forget to tell them that Ms. New Beauty sent you!


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