Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Cheap & Chic - Everything's Coming Up Roses

Ms. New Beauty loves roses. She loves to be showered with them on birthdays, Valentine's, and on random days for no reason at all. Red roses, white roses, yellow roses, and especially pink roses. But the color doesn't really matter at all, so long as they're roses. MNB also loves to splash rose water on her face in the morning to create the best possible beginning for her day and to slather rose scented oil on her skin after a hot bath at night. And, since last year, she's been a secret admirer of a particulary decadent rose perfume. Oh, how she's stopped by fragrance counters and spritzed a little on her wrist to hold her over until the day she can afford a bottle of her very own. That day hasn't come yet, but MNB is having a torrid affair with a cheaper, yet just as sweet smelling version of that perfume. And thus, we have the newest installation of Ms. New Beauty Cheap & Chic.

Rose Perfume

Creed Fleurs de Bulgarie, around $150


Fresh Bulgarian Rose, $70

I love both of these scents. They both smell like the most beautiful field of fresh, just bloomed roses. One scent and I see myself transported to some European hillside covered in roses of the most perfect shade of pink dancing and singing a song of happiness and joy. Think Sound of Music, except with a fabulous black girl like myself frolicking in tall platform boots instead of a milk maid's apron. You get the picture.

While I love Creed and acknowledge that their colognes are made with only the best ingredients, I do not have a perfumers nose. So the Fresh Bulgarian Rose smells just like the Fleurs de Bulgarie to me, except it costs half the price. And that works out fabulously for my grad student budget.

Treat yourself to some roses, save some money, and don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!

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The Ghetto Fashionista said...

I too am a rose lover! Jo Malone also does a great Red Rose fragrance- 1 oz is about 50 bucks, and can be found in saks.

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