Saturday, January 13, 2007

Les Bijoux de Beaute

The Beauty Jewels. Ms. New Beauty loves beauty. She spends plenty of time and money on the little things that make her life more beautiful. Makeup. Cleansers. Creams. Lotions. Basically anything she can get her hands on. She'll give almost any beauty product at least one try. And, like most girls, she has a thing for jewelry. Rings. Necklaces. Earrings. Pins. The little things that finish a look and add a touch of polish. If it sparkles, twinkles, or dangles, MNB can't get enough. So, it's no surprise that she would be the first to fall in love with products that combine the two. Gold flecks in a night cream? Send it over. A diamond cream facial? Why not? Makeup bracelets and charms? Absolutely!

Kimora Lee Simmons Charm Bracelet

This limited edition charm bracelet is pretty and discrete. You can easily wear this bracelet with any outfit and only fellow beauty fiends will know that's lipgloss you're sporting around your wrist. And, since Ms. Lee Simmons has never been known for her restraint, you can trust that she didn't just stop at the bracelet with the gold. The compact opens to reveal a sheer lipgloss full of golden sparkle that will warm up any face.

$37 at Sephora

Dior Midnight Charm Lip Gloss Locket

This sparkler is great for those oh so girly outfits. The adorable heart shaped charm and the bunches of crystal are utterly feminine and so are the lipglosses inside. The chain is versatile enough to wear on your wrist, strap on to your favorite purse, or hook through a belt loop. It'll look great where ever you want to wear it. But, we can't forget the best part. The keyhole. It's just so perfect and completes the locket effect. And don't your cosmetics deserve to be under lock and key?

$55 at Neiman Marcus

Too Faced Beauty Brooch

Perfectly cute and unpredictably practical. This brooch's looks are deceiving. At first glance, just a simple pin to adorn the shirts and sweaters of sweet girls everywhere. But a closer look shows mini handcuffs and skulls attached to the pin and a two flattering lip glosses, in beige or rose, hiding that behind the silhouette. Even without the lipgloss, I just the contrast between the naughty and nice elements. This one is perfect for the good girl that has her bad side.

$28.50 at Too Faced

Have glamourous lips, save room in your purse, but don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


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