Friday, January 05, 2007

New Beautiful Women

Every now and again, Ms. New Beauty stumbles across likeminded women. Girls who appreciate a good pedicure, know the difference a great bronzer can make in their lives, and who understand that skipping a few meals can be a legitimate way to pay for a good bag or shoe that technically doesn't fit in the budget. Most of the time when I meet these women, I befriend them and add them to the Ms. New Beauty cypher. But, in some cases, that's difficult because the women turn out to be celebrities. So, MNB is adding a new feature to the blog, New Beautiful Women. Celebrity women who live up to the Ms. New Beauty standard - fun women who are equally at home in Barneys as they are in the boardroom.

This month, while reading Allure, I discovered a fabulous New Beautiful Woman - Raquel Welch. She has always been an icon of unabashed glamour and sexiness, but it was this quote that cemented her New Beautiful status for me.
"Part of the art of being a woman is to know makeup. I suppose it's a slightly politically incorrect concept. But . . . who wouldn't want to sharpen her skills at being a woman? To me, makeup is one of the basics. I don't see any shame in that."

Me neither, Raquel, me neither. I love smart beautiful women who aren't ashamed of being either. She's a Golden Globe Award-winning actress who redefined modern ideas of sexiness and went on to create and run her own successful business.

M.A.C. 2007 Beauty Icon Collection

Given her career credentials and just all around fabulous attitudes on life, it's only fitting that M.A.C. would partner with her to launch the new Beauty Icon Collection, which will debut in stores in February. The collection is a full line of lip colors, eyeshadows, powders, blushes, and brushes, all inspired by the glamour of Ms. Raquel. And, what icon collection would be complete without false eyelashes. The colors are truly fitting for those days when you just ooze sex appeal but can also be worked into the normal everyday rotation.

The best part of the collection, and you know I can't leave out the best part, is the packaging. Everything comes in tiger printed tubes and compacts. I love, love, love that. How sexy is it to reapply your lipgloss from a tiger printed tube?!? Even on occasions when you must be demure, like in the office or at luncheons, these cosmetics can be that little touch of sex appeal that only you know about. Just like wearing sexy lingerie under a conservative suit.

For a picture of the full collection, try here, and for a full list of the colors and products in the collection, visit Spektra. Thanks to Janice over at Spektra for all the photos used here.

Be New Beautiful, stay glamourous like Raquel, and don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Barbie collection?

Ms. New Beauty said...

I have, I may just end up being a Barbie girl for spring. The shots for the ad campaign are amazing.

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