Monday, February 19, 2007

Get Glowin

Ms. New Beauty is a loyal girl. She sticks by her friends and family no matter what. She's even loyal to parking facilities, as she has a favorite parking lot at every mall she frequents. MNB has worn Joe's Jean's in the Honey fit almost exclusively since discovering them three years ago. She has not let another stylist in Boston touch her head since discovering and falling in love with her beloved Will. But most of all, Ms. New Beauty sticks by her beauty products. Once she finds a product she loves, she uses it, and it alone. For years, MNB has been using only one brand and shade of blush to give her a natural, flushed look. She's recommended it to everyone who has asked and carries it with her every time she leaves town. But, Ms. New Beauty is ashamed to admit, she's cheating. Yes, she's having an affair with another blush that gives that same beautiful flush. Ladies, meet Ms. New Beauty's lover.

Smashbox O-GLOW

This is the blush that is making me cheat on my baby. I feel so dirty, but I love it all the same. Smashbox O-GLOW has the same satiny smooth texture as the brand's famed Photo Finish Foundation Primer. It goes on smooth and feels heavenly on your cheeks. But the texture is not what makes this blush so special. It's the technology that goes into it.

O-GLOW is completely clear in the tube. The second it touches your skin, it reacts with your body's chemistry and matches the shade of your cheeks when you blush naturally. That means that this is one of the few products that is truly universally flattering because it adjusts itself to each different person. (Sidenote - The term "universally flattering" gets thrown around way too loosely nowadays and people often fail to account for women of color in using that term. I actually read a post where someone said that the new Lancome Proenza Pink will look good on everyone. Tell me what kind of fool I would look like wearing this.) Back to the point, you can be sure that O-GLOW will look good on you because it merely replicates your own natural flush. And, the color lasts for hours with no problem. Paired with clear mascara and a perfectly matched concealer, this product is perfect for those days when you look great and can still tell people "I'm not wearing makeup."

$26, available only at Sephora.

Get your glow on, and make them think you're born with it, but don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


yummy411 said...

MNB... so you didn't reveal 'who' you are cheating on... what was your old faithful blush? i saw the o-glow in sephora's catalogue and wasn't sure to make of it. after reading your review, it's def. a try!

Ms. New Beauty said...

Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush. I blogged about that one months and months ago, when Ms. New Beauty first started.

yummy411 said...

cool thanks!

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