Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Single Sexy & Free

Television, magazines, radio, and just life will make you think that Valentine's Day is rough if you are currently unattached. Well, Ms. New Beauty believes that's all BS. V-Day is a time to show your love, and who's more deserving of all your love and affection than yourself??? Nobody, that's who. MNB is loving herself with all her heart right now. She never has more fun than during the times when she is completely head over heels, butt crazy in love with herself. And when's she loving herself, Ms. New Beauty loves to spend time with other women who love themselves just as much. So she's found the best products to feel beautiful and sexy night out with the girls.

Farouk Biosilk Silk Therapy

It's a universal truth that we are all attracted to things that glitter and sparkle. Diamonds aren't just a girl's best friend. Everybody loves them. Even if you didn't get a sparkly little bauble today, there's no reason that you still can't have something shiny and sparkling in your life. Make it your hair. Just a few drops of Biosilk will give your hair a 100 watt shine, the stuff that Pantene commercials are made of. Completely free of alcohol, Biosilk smoothes out your hair's cuticle, protects it from heat treatments and helps repair split ends. I have not been without a small bottle of this stuff since I graduated high school. And my hair is always so shiny that you can almost see yourself in it. Smooth in, and shine on.

Farouk is technically a salon product, but I have never bought it from there. In almost any drug store or Target, you can find it in the "Salon Products" section of the haircare aisle. $12.49, available at

Urban Decay Cocktail Collection Flavored Body Powder

Add just the slightest hint of shimmer to the skin you're showing with this big fluffy brush filled with sparkling powder. Swipe this across your decollete, down your arms, and right in between your cleavage to give yourself a little oomph. And, because no night out with the girls is complete without gossiping over the appropriate libations, these powders come in delicious cocktail flavored scents. The Pina Colada is a white shimmer powder perfect for very fair complexions. Mai Tai is golden and looks great on women of color and those with warm undertones. And the Cosmopolitan is a pretty pink that works well on women with medium complexions and cool undertones.

$30, available at Sephora.

Shu Uemura Flare Eyelashes

I know it's supposed to be a night out with the girls. But that doesn't mean you can't get all dolled up just for yourself. Try full on movie star glam eyes tonight. Line upper and lower lashes with black eyeliner and smudge. And, don't forget to complete the look with false eyelashes. Glue three or four of these individual false lashes along the outer corner of your lash line. Just this subtle touch will give you the fullness of falsies but still keep your lashes looking naturally full and lush. Perfect for batting your eyes demurely and giving just the hint that you might be interested.

$15, available at

Fresh Rose Face Mask

Don't wait for a man to send you flowers. Pull a Cher Horowitz and send them to yourself. Or use this luxurious face mask to clean and tighten your skin. Packed with crushed rose petals, this mask smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Use this after your night out to get the makeup and public grime off your face. Plus the tightening agents will make sure that you wake up looking fresh and fabulous, just in case you and the girls knock back one too many.

$55, available at

Be your own true love, but keep it fabulous for a single girls' night out, just don't forget Ms. New Beauty told you!


yummy411 said...

i love the eyelashes at the outter lashes as opposed to a full set... subtle and sexy!

Toya said...

I love the Urban Decay flavored body powder - I have the honey one! It's my favorite way to add shine to my body when I dance and it tastes yummy, so the hubby has no problem helping me remove it!

Anonymous said...

I am forever faithful to biosilk!

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