Wednesday, March 14, 2007

All The Buzz

Ms. New Beauty isn't what you would call a "techie." Some products she just doesn't get. Like the iPhone. It looks cool and it probably does everything a phone can, short of waking you up in the morning, laying out your clothes and sending you on your way with a hearty breakfast in your belly. But, MNB just doesn't get the hype, and she is still unsure of how she'll be able to keep up her 60 words per minute text messaging average on a phone with no buttons. But, Ms. New Beauty isn't completely stuck in the dark ages. She welcomes the latest gadgets into plenty aspects of her life. She fell in love with her pink Sony digital camera over Christmas and carries it with her on most days. Her laptop, named Divinity, is the love of her life. And, when companies decide to merge technology with beauty, MNB just kvells.

Dove SkinVitalizer

Dove is one of my favorite beauty companies. The only bar of soap that is permitted to cross my threshold is Dove and I have been using this soap all my life. I was beyond delighted a few years ago when Dove decided to grow their brand and expand to offer more than just soap. And I have been following them with almost every new thing they offer - body wash, facial cleansers, lotions, deodorants. And I am absolutely in love with the Real Beauty campaign. Real women, with real bodies posing proudly in their skivvies? It's about time. But I just can't hop on board with this one.

The SkinVitalizer is a battery powered tool designed to add deep cleansing, massage, and exfoliation to your daily face washing routine. Used with the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Pillows, the SkinVitalizer gently vibrates to amp up the power of your cleansing. And, this is where it left me underwhelmed. The exfoliating pillows are pretty thick and I just didn't find that the SkinVitalizer vibrated enough. I could barely feel the difference and truthfully, I got a better exfoliation by using the pillows alone and adding pressure myself. However, it does make cleansing a little easier because it requires very little energy to use. If you want to try it because you like to have the newest and latest, or just want something else to do the work for you, click here to get a $3 coupon.

Around $14.99, available at drugstores and most retailers.

Get buzzin, or just do the exfoliation yourself, but please don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


Johnica J. Garrett said...

You are the best! I was sent one of these to review a few weeks ago and I have been trying to like it but I am just not crazy about it. Although more expensive, the Clarisonic facebruch is still #1 on my list ...especially since it gives you the option of using whatever face cleanser you like

Ms. New Beauty said...

For the longest, I just thought I was doing it wrong. But, then I just had to realize that this one is just not worth it for me. Everything ain't for everybody and despite all the other great reviews, I'm just not impressed.

Anonymous said...

I love your are a good writer! You def. know how to bring the readers in with your introductions! Keep it up! Is good to have other options if the law thing doesnt work out- Yani (Queen Yani if you R Nasty)

yummy411 said...

i was concerned with this contraption that it may be too harsh for your skin. i guess that's not a problem afterall.... i'll stick with my face scrub.

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