Friday, December 07, 2007

Return to the Scene of the Crime

Ms. New Beauty takes keeping her skin soft and smooth very seriously during the winter months. Just a few posts ago, she extolled the virtues of moisturizing in the shower before even drying off. One component of that "winterizing" process that MNB had to leave out of that post was regular exfoliation. Unfortunately, Ms. New Beauty picked up a tub of body scrub that was so not up to her standards that it earned the dubious Money Saver distinction on this blog. So, she headed back to Target, hell bent on redeeming herself and her innate ability to pick up great product. She happened upon a tube of scrub so cute that she just couldn't resist and Ms. New Beauty was even happier when she got it home and felt how wonderfully it worked on her skin.

Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life

Soap & Glory is a new brand created by the woman behind all of those wonderful, yet cheeky skincare solutions from Bliss. So, now you can get great product in cute packaging with funny little names for a lot less money. Even the brand's name gives you a little hint that this is going to be a line of fun and functional cosmetics. And everything comes in this cute, slightly retro, but ridiculously girly pink packaging.

The description of this scrub on the tube is written like the answer to all of your love problems. And for good reason - once you try it, you'll certainly fall for it. The texture is thick and gummy, so it won't run all over your tub. But, it's still packed with tons of exfoliators to slough off that dry, scaly skin that can easily make your itch in cold weather and rose oil to soften and moisturize. I've gone through almost my whole tube in less than a month because I've been scrubbing down my entire body daily. But, at a price this low, I can afford to stock up and keep enough on hand to make it through the winter.

$14.99, available at Target

Scrub down and fall in love with your scrub in the process, just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


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