Sunday, February 17, 2008

After These Messages

Hey there New Beauties! MNB knows she's been MIA for a while, but trust her, it's not her fault. She recently discovered that she got a rotten apple. Not the fruit - the computer. Her semi-brand new MacBook froze last week and her entire hard drive had to be replaced, which, by the way, means she lost all of the pictures, documents and software that was on the computer (the lesson here is "always back your isht up!").
So the laptop is in the shop, and Ms. New Beauty is spending her time playing Wii Tennis. And, since her arms are ridiculously sore right now, at least it counts as exercise. She'll be back with new products and new posts as soon as her computer gets fixed.

Stay tuned, and just wait a few more days for Ms. New Beauty to tell you!

1 Comment:

Erika said...

OMG that happened to me, too when I got my new Powerbook G4. It was in/out of the repair shop 4 times before it was finally fixed. I hope your nightmare isn't as bad as mine was!

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