Monday, February 04, 2008

Almost Perfect

A while ago, Ms. New Beauty went to beauty blogger event at Space.NK. There, she met and chatted it up with the beautiful faces behind some of her favorite blogs. Of course, she also picked herself up some pretty little things from all the offering at the hip, Soho apothecary. Ms. New Beauty should have known that the question "what else should I buy?" would be met with so many raves about so many different products, lines, and brands. The one that stood out came from Elke, the fabulous, bi-coastal makeup artist. She picked up a makeup brush and said, "get this, it makes you perfect!" That was all MNB had to hear - she took the brush from Elke's hand and headed straight to the register. And, after following her advice on how to use it, Ms. New Beauty can positively report that she is now perfect, when it comes to her makeup that is - she still has the habit of starting laundry and taking a week to finish it. But, this post is just about that wonderfully perfecting brush, and an even cheaper version that still gets the job done.

Fiber Optic Face Brushes

Laura Mercier Finishing Brush, $42


Sephora Brand Professional Stippling Brush, $35

Fiber optic face brushes are so amazing, and I had never even heard of them until Elke insisted that I get it. The brushes are made up of two layers of bristles, as you can see. The short black bristles are tightly packed goat hairs that are design to hold onto product while the longer white bristles are synthetic, meant to come behind and smooth everything out. This is the tool to reach for when you're applying your fine shimmer powders and don't want to end up looking too Disco Fever.

I use it differently though. First, I do my entire face of makeup - primer, foundation, concealer, blush, loose powder. Then, I grab this brush and my trusty Evian Brumisateur (honestly, how many uses are there for that that can of water? I swear I could figure out a way to decorate my house with it). I spray a light mist to just dampen the bristles of the brush and then I buff it over my entire face. What this does is blend out my makeup and pick up just enough to that everything looks really sheer and natural, exactly the way makeup should look. You can say goodbye to harsh lines and that tell tale border along your jaw once you use this. And, both brushes do the same job, it's just that one costs less.

Stay perfect, or get that way if you're not already, just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for passing along the "secret". Also, I could never understand why I'm supposed to spray water - however fine the mist - on my carefully done face to "set" it. It makes more sense to buff with a sprayed brush.

Enjoy your blog! Keep up the good work.


Have you seen the Tarte "We Wish You Wealth" orgasmic dream of a three tiered but fits-in-your purse $52 palette ? I got it online from Sephora but it's no longer available there. This was the first time I tried Tarte and I actually preferred the eyeshadow over their famous cheek stain. I just LOVE the deep purple gel eyeliner and have been trying to find our whether it's available as a separate product or whether it was just a pallet special. Thought I'd let you know of this treasure chest, in case you wanted to do a review here.

Makeup Fashion Love said...

I really liked this post on different brushes...I've been looking around for some good ones for a while!~I need to check these out!~Would u mind linking my website Makeup Fashion Love to ur page? I'll add ur link to my blog as well!

Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...


I heeded your advice and bought three of these brushes - the Laura Mercier plus generic brand blush and eye shadow brushes from ebay.
I used the blush brush this a.m. Wow!!! what a difference! The brush deposits a soft wash of color - no more weird blush placement or clown cheeks. My fat round cheeks need all the help they can get to show a modicum of definition. This is the best thing next to baccal fat removal (which seems scary to me - all those nerve endings).


brownsuga said...

I often wondered what that unique looking brush did. Thanks for the review! I'll be picking one up

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