Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Glow To Go

As Ms. New Beauty mentioned before, she just started a new job. She's delighted to inform you all that she's really enjoying herself. The work is challenging. The people are nice. And, the culture could not be more suited to MNB's personality. But, she does have one small gripe. The lighting in the women's bathroom. On her first, Ms. New Beauty took extra care to spruce up her normal routine with a little extra coverage and color where she needed it only to be absolutely dismayed on her first run to the ladies' room. The lighting made her look like an absolute hag! Under the daylight outdoors she looked great. Under the flourescents at her desk, she was flawless. MNB looked great everywhere - except in that bathroom. She doesn't know how and she doesn't know why but somewhere along the line, Ms. New Beauty pissed that light bulb off and it was determined to make her pay for it. Each day, MNB subtly adjusted her daily routine to compensate for the horrors waiting for her in that bathroom mirror. A switch from gel bronzer to powder. Just a dab of liquid foundation instead of a few pats of her stick formula. And, just a few swirls of a fab new blush to bring it all together.

Three Custom Color Ski Bunny Lip & Cheek Stain

My all time favorite and most flattering shade of blush is always in the berry family. Something about that sheer red, with just subtle hints of pink and purple, always works wonders for my skin. And, that combo tends to be perfect for a million other complexions as well. This lip and cheek stain falls square into that raspberry color family. Though it looks decidedly crimson in the compact, it has just the right combination of other tones to look completely natural on my cheeks. The formula is quite sheer, so I can layer and blend and layer and blend until my heart's, and cheeks', content. This can double as a lip stain as well, though I only use it as a blush. I tend to like my lip color to be as close to my natural color as possible during the day.

Now, loyal New Beauties will know that Tarte Cheek Stain is one of my all time favorite products. Ever. It takes a lot for me to turn my back on my baby. The one thing that this has going for it over the Tarte is portability and a built in mirror. I can drop this in my bag on my way out the door and apply my blush on the my walk to the bus. Add in a quick slick of lip gloss and I'm fabulous and ready to start the day. Take that, you damned light in the bathroom!

$20.50, available at www.threecustom.com

Look good under any lighting, and take the products that help you do it with you wherever you go, but just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the great new job! The first thing (NO KIDDING) I do when I go to a new school/ workplace is to check out the ladies'.

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