Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hit The Bricks

Ms. New Beauty has spent the last six months or so anxiously, breathlessly, kid-on-Christmas-Eve-ly, waiting for the arrival of spring. This winter has just been full of gray dreary skies and rainy days and MNB was over it about three hours after it began. But, last week, it seemed that spring had finally sprung. The skies were blue and sunny. The birds in the tree by Ms. New Beauty's front door started chirping and 4 am and kept it going all day long. And, flowers had started to push their way up through the earth and bloom just outside her window. All was right in New Beautyland. Of course, MNB started adjusting both her clothing and cosmetic wardrobes to this welcomed change in climate. She started skipping the socks that had become a mandatory staple, regardless of footwear. Her heavy winter moisturizer was replaced by a heavenly light and refreshing new face lotion (new post on that later). Ms. New Beauty's favorite adjustment was to her bronzing routine. MNB gets helplessly pasty in winter (yes, brown girls get pasty too) and her regular golden bronzer was the only thing that kept her from looking like a victim of the Bubonic Plague. But, now that the weather's getting warmer, and her complexion is coming back into its own luminosity, Ms. New Beauty is adjusting with a finer shade of shimmer.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Apricot

When I first walked up to the Bobbi Brown counter, I knew this was the shimmer brick that I wanted. I have two or three other bronzers that work well, but they're all pretty much the same golden hue. Some have more shimmer, some have less, but they're all still gold - which is heavenly in winter for a nice natural glow. But for spring, I wanted something a little more understated and a little more fresh.

This palette of five shades achieves that look perfectly for me. Ranging from pure ivory to gold, bronze and the warmest peach, these colors blend so well and give the softest glow. Because all of the colors are peachy, they naturally have the yellow undertones that work with most complexions and especially complement brown skin. What I really and truly love about this is how finely milled the powder is. There are no big specks of glitter or chunky shimmer that just stands out on your face. The powder is so fine that just the quickest swipe of a fluffy brush is like creating your own mood lighting for your face. Just a few strokes across my cheekbones and temples, and I'm lit from within and absolutely glowing like I've just done three back to back Bikram yoga session followed by a restful nap that would make Sleeping Beauty jealous.

$38, available at Bobbi Brown counters

(hint, hint New Beauties - we are deep in the midst of retail's friends and family season. Last weekend was Lord & Taylor and Saks, and this weekend is Macy's. Check your emails or send out some requests to a few friends so you can print out the coupons and stock up on your beauty goodies on the cheap).

Put some spring in your step, and then put a little on your face, but just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


BeautyChick101 said...

This is one of my all-time faves! I am never without it.

Marsha said...

I just brought this last week and I love it. But I use this as an eyeshadow. While in Bloomindales I passed by the Bobbi Brown counter and saw a woman named Hana with the best makeup. I loved the way she did her eyes and asked her to show me EXACTLY what she did so that I could replicate it that night. Well 4 minutes later I walk out with the shimmer and an eyeliner.

CEL_Esq said...


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