Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lazy Is as Lazy Does

There just aren't enough hours in a day for all the beauty products and routines that I would love indulge in, so something's gotta give. In my case, it's the fingernails. I can't invest my time in painting my nails and then waiting for an hour for the polish to dry without smudging. And, nail colors bore me pretty quickly. Monday's purple is wearing me out by Tuesday.

The solution is simple enough. The look of a French manicure with none of the work and it's simple enough to do while walking down the street, riding the subway, or driving (that last one might be pushing it). It's two slim pencil products that work wonders - Sephora's White Nail Pencil and Cuticle Care Pen. Rub the white pencil under your tips and lightly brush the cuticle oil onto your nail beds. The white pencil gives you a more realistic Frech manicure look (the corner nail shop calls it an American Manicure) and actually lasts through a few hand washings. The cuticle oil moisturizes and adds shine without having to wait for a top coat to dry. All of this for less than $25 total. And of course, they fit right in every purse for instant touch ups.

Try it, love it, and don't forget to tell them Ms. New Beauty sent you!


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