Sunday, September 10, 2006

Your Inner Iman & Heavenly Heels

I've always been giving product recommendations to friends and acquaintances. I've turned some people into lifelong users of certain products, like a not-so-bashful girl I know. Now, I do get questions randomly. Although I like to think that I know everything and have all the answers, but sometimes I don't. A while back, a sweet girlie asked about setting sprays and finishers. I hadn't tried one yet, so I had no personal knowledge of a good one. But, things do change.

Model in a Bottle

I've found my inner Iman, literally one of the world's most beautiful women (inside and out from what I've seen and read). Well, my inner Iman isn't really "inner." Model in a Bottle is a great finishing spray. After the whole makeup routine is finished, I mean after concealer, foundation, blush, powder, eye shadow, eye liner, whatever else you use, just spray this evenly on your face and let it dry for a few seconds. Your makeup won't run, it doesn't mess with the effectiveness of sunscreen, and it will keep you matte all day. Now, it wasn't enough to tame the shine on my nose, but one product will never be enough to handle that. But, it did keep my blush perfectly in place, no touch ups necessary. This is perfect for anyone who likes to do makeup in the morning and not even have to think about it for the rest of the day.


I raved about this product years ago and every person who's tried it has loved it just as much as I have. I've never heard a bad review about Kerasal. The package claims that it can soften even the driest feet, and I believe that it's possible. Kerasal contains salicylic acid to exfoliate dead skin on your feet, and urea, a chemical that really helps moisturizers penetrate through thick layers of dead, dry skin. It comes in either an ointment, lotion, or creme. The ointment is the original formula and in my opinion, the best. Just apply the ointment after bathing and at night before bed and you'll notice softer feet after a week. Cotton socks help lock moisture in and protect your sheets. People with the crustiest of crusties may even want to add Bliss Softening Socks to the regime for increased penetration. The best part of it all, youask - Kerasal is sold at every drug store or pharmacy in the foot care aisle.

Two products - one new, one old, but both amazing. Buy, try, love, and don't forget that Ms. New Beauty sent you!


Johnica J. Garrett said...

I love Model in a Bottle. I've been hooked ever since it was featured on Oprah.

Ms. New Beauty said...

Seriously, we were separated at birth???

Johnica J. Garrett said...

Yes, we were indeed separated at birth. I added your blog to the "Links" section on my page.

Ms. New Beauty said...

I'm trying to figure out how to hook up that section on the right, but I can't figure out how. How do you do that?

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