Friday, October 20, 2006

Subscriber Services

Ms. New Beauty has so many magazine subscriptions that she has lost count. Last time, the number hovered around 12, but she honestly can't remember how many monthly publications come to her mailbox. Now, she knows that not everyone has the time or money to have so many magazines coming into the house. So, she's going to give you lovelies the best of the month, the highlights from all the magazines she reads.

Today, Harper's Bazaar, MNB's favorite magazine appeared in the mailbox.


  • Natalie Portman looks great on the cover as Audrey Hepburn
  • Vera Wang is joining the ranks of Isaac Mizrahi, Viktor & Rolf and all the other designers who've made low-priced lines for mass retails. Very Vera, a line of separates, will be sold exclusively at Kohl's
  • There's a whole section devoted entirely to shoes and bags, two things that always put MNB in a better mood. Currently loving BR's motorcycle boots and the Jimmy Choo Ramona (and secretly wishing this one goes on sale when the new lines hit stores).
  • Fall's 7 Key Pieces
    1. the short jacket,
    2. the printed blouse,
    3. the skinny pant,
    4. the ankle boot,
    5. the sheath coat,
    6. the bubble dress, and
    7. the classic bag.
  • Essentials for building a fragrance wardrobe
    • A fresh, elegant floral for daytime
    • Something sexy for a party, like an oriental
    • A clean citrus scent for more active days, like when you're doing yoga
    • A big, bold floral for the romantic moments in life
    • Something comforting for travel or that "you'd wear with jeans and a sweater"
  • Futuristic Foundation - SK-II's new Air Touch Foundation comes with a battery operated airbrusher that charges the foundation molecules so that they land only on skin and don't settle on top of each other for a perfect finish. However, it only comes in 4 very fair shades, so not all of us will be able to try this one.
  • The Best New Buys, the hottest picks from this seasons resort collections. MNB's favorites - Gucci's tan minitrench, Ralph Lauren's orange strappy platform sandals, and Fendi's white puff sleeve dress
Read it, love it, and don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


Johnica J. Garrett said...

I amthisclose to buying the Air Touch foundation!

Ms. New Beauty said...

You should, it would probably match your skin. I can't tell you how sad I was when I saw that not a one of them would have worked for me. And, you know I spent a good few minutes contemplating ways to make it work, but it just wasn't meant to be.

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