Friday, October 20, 2006

Natural Honeys

Ms. New Beauty is so busy lately, trying to find herself a job in a completely different industry than the one she's studying in school, on top of her classes and extracurricular commitments. And, you know she has to maintain her social schedule. So, the networking, studying, planning, and partying are just wearing her out. The only thing that's kept her sane is her favorite natural bath soak. And since Ms. New Beauty loves everything she's ever tried from this line, and gives them as Christmas gifts, she's dedicating this post to just one company.

In recent years, natural beauty and hair care products have gotten a lot of attention. There's one brand in particular designed for and by black women that's become a mainstream hit and gotten some celebrity backers. I don't have anything against this line, I'm just not that impressed. I have however completely fallen in love with Oyin Handmade. Named for the Yoruba word for honey, Oyin's products are all natural, of superior quality and really nourish hair and skin.

Everything that Oyin makes is completely handmade with only naturaly ingredients. With recent reports that some beauty product additives may be harmful, knowing ever ingredient on the back of a bottle is comforting.

Fizzy Milk Bath

Luscious is the only word to describe this bathing experience. Oyin's Fizzy Milk Bath contains powdered milk to give the whole bath a Cleopatra experience. The lactic acid from milk really helps soften skin. Plus almond oil and cocoa butter beads that melt in the hot water to just soothe your skin. And, the bath powder comes in a mini ice cream carton, so cute.

Oyin take me away!

Whipped Pudding

This is truly the jewel in the Oyin crown. If you only try one product, this should be it. Whipped Pudding is a shea butter cream whipped up to the lightest and most decadent texture. It's so soft and light but moisturizers better than any other product in Ms. New Beauty's cabinet. Not only can you use it on your skin, it also works well on hair. It can give natural curls the moisture they need without weighing them down. And, because each jar of Whipped Pudding is handmade, right when you order it, the scent is ever changing. Sometimes it has more of a cocoa smell, other times, the vanilla scent is stronger. Every time you put it on, the pudding just melts into your skin and gives off the best sensory experience. You can also microwave your whipped pudding jar for a few seconds for a soft heated product, great for massages.

Greg Juice

This is the best leave in conditioner Ms. New Beauty has ever used. She was a faithful Infusium 23 girl for years, but nothing compares to Greg Juice. It's like a salad for your hair, literally. Started with a spring water base, Greg Juice contains vegetable extracts to condition, moisturize and detangle hair. Use it after washing hair and before styling or spray it on whenever curls or braids need a little pick me up. It has a light citrusy scent that drives that "salad" point home.

Now, the same formula is used to make Frank Juice, it's Greg Juice with Frankincense and Myrhh, for a spicier scent.

Although these three products are her favorites, Ms. New Beauty also loves the After Bath Oil. She blends in her own natural jasmine oil to customize the scent. She's been having a love affair with jasmine since she lived in North Africa and that sweet sensual scent wafted through her windows every day as she woke up. Her gorgeous and fabulous friend Didi loves to use the Shine & Define Styling Serum for her hair ever since MNB gave it to her as a Christmas present.

Check it out, be a natural honey, and don't forget Ms. New Beauty sent you!


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