Monday, January 29, 2007

Getting All McGyver

Ms. New Beauty has an amazing memory for minutia, but tends to forget the bigger stuff. Random trivia, pop culture, what shirt she was wearing when she first kissed her crush in the middle school stairwell. (By the way, it was a maroon Aeropostale button-up long sleeve t-shirt which from that day forward was anointed her lucky shirt.) She remembers all of those things vividly. Despite this, she constantly forgets what time her hair appointment is, even though it’s a standing weekly appointment. The Mr. Magoo tendencies really peak when it’s time to travel. MNB focuses so much on having clothing options that when she travels that she often forgets the important stuff, like a toothbrush, moisturizer, or even pajamas, although not having pajamas proves to be a delightful treat during weekend getaways with her boyfriend. Having forgotten the important stuff so often, MNB has channeled her inner McGyver and found reasonable substitutes for almost all of her beauty essentials. Although, she has yet to find a way to jump start a car with just a tube of chapstick, a gum wrapper and a penny.

Since I'm headed off for a weeklong vacation in the Caribbean, this post has been proven to be quite timely. These solutions can never take the place of the real thing, but they will hold you for a day or two until you can get replacements.

Moisturizer – mix body lotion and water in the palm of your hands until the consistency is thin enough to moisturize your face without feeling heavy.

Eye Makeup Remover – use body lotion or baby oil on a cottonball to loosen eyeshadow and mascara

Mascara – rub a little Vaseline or petroleum based lip balm, like Rosebud Salve, on your lashes with fingertips. It will condition your lashes and make them look darker and shiny.

Face Wash – use a gentle moisturizing shampoo to wash your face

Polish Drying Spray – spray nails with cooking spray, like Pam, to speed up drying time

Body Lotion – any hair oil or lip balm can be used on your body, provided you have enough. When all else fails, there's always Vaseline.

I'm off on vacation, so there won't be any posts for a week, but get creative, tap in to your inner McGyver, just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


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