Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Beach & Body Works

Ms. New Beauty is finally back from her much needed vacation. She spent the past week in Dominican Republic laying on the beach and playing in the ocean with her boyfriend. She was so relaxed she could barely drag herself from her chaise to grab pina coladas from the beach bar, but somehow she managed. Just before leaving for her vacation, Ms. New Beauty rediscovered the wonders of an American shopping mall staple - Bath & Body Works. Having sworn off the store years ago because of all of those sickeningly sweet smelling lotions and shower gels, MNB has gotten her beauty fixes from so many other places that she had completely forgotten about B&BW. Desperate for a good sunscreen, MNB just happened to pop into the store before her trip to discover what the rest of the world has apparently known for a while, Bath & Body Works has gotten a serious upgrade. A "Beyonce singing about Cartier Tie Clips" worthy upgrade. Both before and after her trip, MNB was surprised by the quality and level of products being offered at Bath & Body Works and is profiling two of her most satisfying recent purchases in this post.

Peter Thomas Roth Oil Free Sunblock SPF 30

I know I've blogged, lectured, ranted and raved about the importance of sunscreen before. I have had a few favorite sunscreens for years, so I haven't really been trying any new ones. But, two days before our trip, I was looking for a spray sunscreen for my body and came across this one.

Peter Thomas Roth Oil Free SPF 30 is the lightest sunscreen lotion that I've ever used on my face. Despite claiming to be oil free, a lot of other sunscreens still leave my face looking greasier than a bucket of the Colonel's Extra Crispy. But this one is so light. I slathered it all over my face, neck, and decollete (and eventually my whole body) during our whole trip and I never once got greasy. It kept my skin protected and my forehead shine free. Now, I did still get darker after all those hours on the beach under the Dominican sun, but I'm not complaining because a sista was pasty before she left. I've read that any change in skin color, i.e. getting a tan, is a sign of sun damage, but I'm not quite sure if that holds true even when using sunscreen and reapplying religiously. But, that is a question for The Beauty Brains.

This is not listed on the B&BW website but is available in stores and at other retailers for $26.

Breathe Delight Deep Nourishment Body Cream

It was so warm and balmy in DR that I barely needed any lotion for the whole trip. Just a quick dollop on my hands and feet did the trick and my skin never felt dry. I was in for quite a rude awakening as soon as we got back. I stepped off the plane in Atlanta and the dry air hit me like a slug to the chest. My whole body instantly felt itchy and dry, which caused as "ashaphobe" like me to almost have a mental breakdown.

While we were waiting for our connecting flight, I dashed off to the B&BW in Terminal B and bought a big jar of this heavenly body cream. Breathe Delight Deep Nourishment Body Cream is nice and thick, just what my dry skin needed. As soon as I finished paying for it, I went straight to the ladies room and slathered this cream all over my legs, back, shoulders, and arms. I felt instanly refreshed.

Available at Bath & Body Works for $16.50.

Stay protected and hydrated ladies, find treasures sitting in a mall near you, just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


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