Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lemme Upgrade You

Ms. New Beauty is essentially, as the last word of the title suggests, a beauty blog. MNB generally keeps her subject matter focused on beauty products and cosmetics, although she does take an occasional foray into fashion and lifestyle topics with a few personal anecdotes to pepper the discussion. Well, today, MNB is veering far off her normal course with a purely celeb focused post. She normally tries to tie such diversions to her main beauty purpose, but today she really just can't. Trying to give a makeup tip would really just take away from the wonder that is the incredible upgrade two women have experienced. Sure, MNB could pick out a nice nude lip color for her readers, but she doesn't even want you to focus on the makeup. She wants you to look at the whole looks, the style transformations of these two beautiful women. How they have gone from looking haggard and well, just rough, to looking truly fabulous lately. Both deserving of a hearty round of applause, this post gives us two new additions to the MNB New Beauties category.

Whitney Houston

I have just two words for Miss Whitney - Welcome Back!!!!!


As a hometown Philly girl, I've always felt like E-v-e has been sleeping on so much potential. I think someone has finally tapped her on her shoulder and told her that she can look really good without doing too much. And, even though I have not and will never be a fan of the "ta-ta tattoo," even the paw prints don't bother me so much here. In a funny way, something about them actually works. Well done Eve.

Let these two be proof that there is a New Beauty inside all of us, upgrade yourself if the feeling strikes, and don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


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