Monday, February 12, 2007


Ms. New Beauty is finally getting a chance to recover from a ridiculously busy week. Last week, after returning from a much needed vacation, MNB couldn't even unpack her bags before she was busy planning her birthday party. Since she was turning 24, MNB decided that a gold "24K" theme was only appropriate for such a fete. The invite was done and she encouraged all her guests to wear gold to the party. The only problem? She couldn't find a smashing gold outfit to wear herself. Spending hours scouring malls, outlets, and the best online sites, MNB had come up empty handed, with only one day left before the party. She had no other choice but to head to Boston's premiere destination for chic boutiques and cool stores - Newbury Street. Under normal circumstances, shopping on Newbury is nothing but pleasant. But when the temperature drops to 20 degrees, with a windchill of negative 200, outdoor shopping is on MNB's list of "favorite things to do" right behind cleaning the toilet and having a root canal without anesthesia. But, in the name of fashion, she sucked it up and pounded the pavement in search of the ensemble for her birthday bash.

Popping in and out of boutiques and chain stores for almost an hour, MNB had come up with very little. She bought a sequined top that really wasn't her style as a backup. It was her safety shirt in case she didn't find anything better. Convinced that gold sequins were the best she was going to find, MNB was already figuring out how to make the top acceptable for her party when she realized that she was right across the street from Betsey Johnson, the boutique, not the woman. Knowing that BJ always makes the cutest little party dresses, MNB headed inside with a glimmer of hope that she would find a party perfect dress. And she did! Sitting on the last rack, all the way in the back of the store, was the most perfectly draped, expertly ruched, gold party dress that MNB has ever seen. A quick trip to the dressing room revealed that the dress hit Ms. New Beauty in all the right spots. She pulled out her plastic, grabbed her bags, and headed down the street on cloud 9, elated that she found a dress for her party. MNB was taking long Seabiscuit strides down the street with her smile beaming. The whole street knew that Ms. New Beauty was a Crest Kid. And as with any great fashion moment, a great beauty find was right behind.

Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

Here's a quick personal confession - I lotion my hands, almost compulsively. I have to, I have no choice. Ever since winter descended upon this city almost overnight, bringing with it bitterly cold and desert dry air, my hands have been ridiculously dry. The Dove hand cream that works wonders in normal conditions is no match for this harsh winter. I've tried a bunch of different hand creams lately, but they all seem to be plagued with one of two problems. They are either (1) too watery and my hands get ashy again within minutes or (2) too greasy and make opening door knobs far too much of a challenge. But, Kiehl's Ultimate Hand Salve has become my salvation and rescued me from my dry skin misery.

This thick hand cream moisturizes and protects my hands all day without the slightest trace of greasiness. Designed to give "glove-like" protection for those doing heavy industrial work, this cream is more than capable of keeping my little fingers from being ashy during my daily activities, like typing on my laptop or digging in my purse for my cell phone. My hands have never been softer and there is no ash in sight.

$12.50 for a small tube, available at and where ever Kiehl's products are sold.

Keep those hands moisturized, and stop for great beauty detours on your fashion journeys, just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!

P.S. - And, just in case you want to see the dress that I spent so much time looking for, here it is. I was having a great time in this shot!


yummy411 said...

MNB, you should have given us a birthday beauty run down.... what you used to prep for the big day and how you did your makeup. the pic doesn't tell all, but at least tell me what polish you are wearing? it's smashing!

Ms. New Beauty said...

Shoot, I didn't even think of doing that. That's Chanel Noir Ceramic on my fingers. I spent forever buying it off ebay, but I love it!

yummy411 said...

wow! you did? how much did you pay for it? i posted about my chanel noir ceramic experience...

Ms. New Beauty said...

I paid $40 for it. Just read your recap of it and it was hilarious! I do think a lot of products sell out just because of the beauty blog hype though.

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