Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Think Pink

It may come as no surprise to most loyal readers that Ms. New Beauty is a girly girl. Clearly, she loves makeup and pampering products. But she also loves things that are just pretty for pretty's sake. And, MNB is far more comfortable in heels than in flats. A good dress will always brighten her day and put a little pep in her step. With all these girly loves, it's only fitting that pink is one of Ms. New Beauty's favorite colors. Not her signature color in a Shelby from Steel Magnolias kind of way, but moreso a color that represents those things that MNB loves best. Softness, femininity, and happiness among other things. Surprisingly, MNB associates pink with acne. It seems that the best acne treatments are always pink, from Oxy 10 back in the day to some new found favorites. When Ms. New Beauty thinks pimples, she thinks pink.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

This drying lotion is one of those cult faves that works wonders. Flip through any women's magazine and once you get to those ad pages in the back that typically sell customized t-shirts and how-to sex manuals, you'll see an ad for this magic potion. Mother New Beauty is the one who put me onto to this. She's been going to bed with pink dots on her face since Pepa was on TV for pushing it real good and not for living in a tacky house with a bunch of C-listers. This stuff dries up pimples over night.

It comes with a thick pink sediment settled on the bottom and some yellowish liquid floating on top. At first glance, you'll probably think that the product has spoiled but it's supposed to look like this. Don't shake it up! Just dip a q-tip down into the pink sediment on the bottom and dab on any pimples you have. Go to bed and you'll wake up with those breakouts all dried up.

$17, available at mariobadescu.com

Dr Sebagh Breakout Creme & Antibacterial Powder

Despite having a slight crush on Mr. Wizard in the first grade and really, really, really wanting a chemistry set in the second, I have never been good at science. I've tried and tried, but science just doesn't make sense to me. But, I tried to live out my scientist dreams through this product. It comes in the most fabulous beauty chemist packaging and I really felt like a black Marie Curie every time I mixed the breakout creme with the antibacterial powder. That feeling quickly faded once I realized that all my work was really going to waste, because this stuff did nothing to control breakouts.

The idea behind this two part treatment is to prevent acne by killing the bacteria on your face that causes it. To use, you mix equal parts of the antibacterial powder with the breakout creme and slather on. I found that adding the powder made the creme really thick and heavy. It left my face feeling tight, and as a girl with oily skin, I never get that tight face feeling. And, I didn't find that all that extra work and tightness really did anything. I still got the same few pimples cropping up when using this religiously as when I just skipped washing my face altogether. It also claims to control oil production. I did notice that I was blotting and touching up my nose a little less during the day. The oil control was nice benefit, but at such a high price, I really expected it to be more effective on pimples.

$120, available at Barneys and BlissSpa

Benefit Boo Boo Zap

Well, this one isn't pink, but it definitely works. This is like the daytime, all liquid counterpart to the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. It dries pimples out really quickly. Just put a drop on your finger or a q-tip and dab directly onto your pimple or problem area. Reapply throughout the day as needed. And, this opaque liquid comes in a small tube and can be used under or over makeup, with no smudging. So that means you can carry it with you and use it all day. You know how much I love purse portable cosmetics. And who wouldn't fall in love with a pimple potion called Boo Boo Zap? A woman without a heart and/or sense of humor, that's who.

But, just a note of warning, this stuff is a very strong drying potion. So only use it on your pimples. Don't go crazy and rub it all over your face in the name of preventive maintenance or your skin will be cracking and peeling like you've got a bad sunburn. I'm not admitting to doing that myself, but let's just say that I was the only cocoa brown girl walking around Boston like I took a Rip van Winkle nap in a tanning bed in the middle of winter.

$18, available at Sephora

Have flawlessly clear skin ladies, and remember to Think Pink, just please don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!

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The Fashionista & Baby said...

I absolutely love Mario Badescu's products and Benefits Boo Boo Zap! Great post.

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