Thursday, March 22, 2007

Girl's Night In

There are certain events that Ms. New Beauty plans her life around. Her weekly hair appointment, America's Next Top Model, shopping on the day after Christmas, and Lucky Shops. You may remember that MNB strength trained just to prepare for Lucky Shops. And, she and her Partner in Crime went in and tore that sale up. So, when Ms. New Beauty heard about a similar sale going on right in her own city, of course she bought a ticket and prepared walk out with arms full of shopping bags. Well, MNB scheduled her week around Shecky's Girls Night Out and she was so disappointed.

Shecky's was like a bootleg, low budget, crappy version of Lucky Shops. Instead of walking into a room full of designer clothing and accessories marked down to ridiculous prices, like the Marc Jacobs boutique that was practically giving away pink leather wallets for only $25, I walked into a room of no name vendors charging way too much for their poorly made clothes and jewelry. The clothes all just looked cheap and were way overpriced. Imagine if someone took a jersey knit dress that retails for $60 full price at Arden B. but is always on sale there for $30 and then slapped a $125 price tage on it. Now multiply that by 100 and you'd end up with Shecky's Girls Night Out. The jewelry all looked very homemade. And not in that vintagey, kitschy way, but in that soccer mom who's taken a beading class at Michael's kind of way. And, what really disappointed me was the beauty offerings. The only vendors selling personal care products were Warm Spirit and Arbonne. I haven't tried their products so I'm not knocking them, but really, why should I pay to visit the Millenium's version of the Avon Lady?

On top of the shoddy offerings, you had to pay extra to get a gift bag and of course, I coughed up the extra money for it, because I just knew there was going to be something fabulous inside it. Well, I got an elastic tie for my hair, some Sunsilk samples, a tube of foundation that will never ever come close to blending in with my brown skin, and a cheap hair brush. But, the bag did contain a sample size jar of Clinique Superdefense moisturizer and an issue of, wait for it, wait for it, now!, New Beauty Magazine!!! I've never heard of this publication before, but of course I'm going to read through it to see if they're doing my name justice. All in all, this event was so not worth my time and it damn sure wasn't worth my money.

Skip Shecky's, and have your own Girl's Night In, but please remember that Ms. New Beauty told you!


rappy said...

thanks for the info, iwas looking around for what these bags might contain, i dont know, my shopper instincts told me it might be cheap, thanks again!

eye4style said...

Thanks so much for your honest opinion of the Shecky's events! I have gone to many and they keep spiraling downhill.

Lyn said...

How disappointing! I have never heard of Shecky's, but it sounds like the name alone should have been a tip-off to how crappy it was. Couldn't they have come up with a classier-sounding name?

Anonymous said...

The bags are usually fabulous and worth the money but this last go around it was horrible. The bag was smaller than usual and packed with...not that much. That New Beauty Magazine was not my cup of tea. It's all about cosmetic surgery and I am too young to care about that...for now!

Ms. New Beauty said...

Shamefully, I still haven't flipped through that New Beauty mag. And, now that I know it's dedicated to cosmetic surgery, it's going straight into the recyclin!

I'm not against plastic surgery, but I hate that the mag devoted to it has my name (well, sorta) because Ms. New Beauty believes that everyone is naturally beautiful!

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