Thursday, April 12, 2007

Beauty, Ms. New Beauty

Ms. New Beauty considers herself quite lucky. She has great family and friends, has had amazing opportunities in life (like going to Africa three times on somebody else's dime), and making it through the first 24 years of her life with a respectable level of self esteem and confidence. There are days when MNB wakes up, looks in the mirror and knows that she can conquer the world. That, ladies, is a fabulous feeling. It's also a minor miracle considering all of the images we see on a daily basis from the time we are born that can easily make young girls and women hate what they see in the mirror. Another minor miracle is that Ms. New Beauty is a brown skinned girl who is absolutely in love with her complexion. No color complex or bleaching creams get any play in the New Beauty household. She's a brown girl loving the brown skin she's in. Not light, not dark, just right in that cocoa colored middle, MNB's skin one of her favorite features. It can do amazing things. It can absorb full bottles of lotion in a matter of days in the middle of a dry Boston winter. Or, it can have the most beautiful golden glow with just a touch of sun exposure. That golden glow is beautiful, but make no mistake, Ms. New Beauty does not believe in unprotected skin getting exposed to harmful UV rays. She loves her skin far too much to risk a nasty melanoma. So she keeps that complexion protected with the most convenient and cool looking sunscreen she's ever found.

Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF 30 All-Powderful Sun Protection

I was wary of powder sunscreens for a while. The first one I tried (and regretfully I can't remember the name) was a waste of money. It claimed to be colorless and easy to apply with its built in brush. However, it had a color, white, and came tumbling out of that brush as soon as I removed the cap. The result was me looking like a brown-skinned extra from Memoirs of a Geisha.

This one however lives up to every claim that it makes. The powder is colorless, odorless and water resistant. In the tube, the powder is the color of cornstarch, so initially I was doubtful that I could wear it without having the powder face effect. But the powder particles here are so fine that instead I initally wondered if there was anything on my face at all. So light and fine, but gives the greatest sun protection. I applied this religiously during my ten day trip to Africa and when I got back, people were wondering why I hadn't gotten any darker. My complexion had that golden glow I love so much. And, my favorite part is the packaging. An all-in-one brush with the powder in a refillable(!!!!) container at the back. Everytime I apply this I get so many questions from people wondering what it is. I feel like an undercover beauty agent talking into my pencil and getting directions through my bobby pins. The name is Beauty. Ms. New Beauty.

There is also a colored bronzing powder with an SPF 20 available.

$45, availabe through BlissSpa.

Stay sun smart, and love every bit of the skin you're in, just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!

PS - Here's a quick video I shot on my latest trip, to South Africa. This is the view of Capetown from the top of Table Mountain. Breathtaking!

Ms. New Beauty on Table Mountain

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Lyn said...

I burn easily and am always looking for a good sunblock. I've never tried powder sunblocks and would be skeptical, but your review makes me want to take the plunge and try this.

yummy411 said...

awww your video isn't loading for me. =( i would love to see the vid on table mountain.... i went there and would want to experience it again.. breath-taking. what a wonderful experience!

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