Thursday, April 05, 2007

Plane Jane

Ms. New Beauty loves to travel. She loves seeing new places, meeting new people, learning new cultures. What she does not love is flying commercial. Just yesterday, MNB endured over 30 hours of flying on commercial airplanes, or waiting to get on or off of them, on her journey back home from South Africa. So, Ms. New Beauty aspires to two things for her traveling future - (1) to visit every continent and as many countries as possible, and (2) to have a Marquis Jet membership. Marquis Jet is a private jet rental company where the $100K a year membership gets you access to a private jet, anywhere in the world, with just 4 hours notice. MNB dreams of the day when her name is printed on a plastic card below the Marquis Jet logo. Until then, she's stuck flying commercial flights, and devising ways to combat stiff, swollen knees and dried out skin from the plane air. Ms. New Beauty's knees are still a little stiff from the transatlantic flight, but she certainly has found the secret to glowing and moisturized skin, even in the face of dry plane air.

Origins Youthtopia Skin Firming Lotion

Finding a good moisturizer for a long plane ride is no easy task. In the past, I've been hard pressed to find something that is rich enough to keep my face moisturized in a plane circulating air dryer than a desert. Being a naturally oily girl, anything that I would normally use is oil free. Until now, they've all been far too thin and watery to effectively moisturize my skin. I still ended up with a dry, tight face. But, being naturally oily is a double-edged sword in dry air situations. On the other end of the spectrum, any heavy duty creams I use leave me greasier than the Colonel's Extra Crispy. Striking the right balance has been tough.

But, before this last trip, I headed to the Origins boutique near my school. The salesgirl there had flown to South Africa before, and thus knew the pain of a 16 hour non-stop flight. She recommended Youthtopia Skin Firming Lotion. It's an oil-free formula that's light enough so my skin doesn't feel greasy but rich enough to sink in and keep my face soft and smooth for the whole trip. I applied this lotion about 3 or 4 times during my flight, I probably didn't need to but a sista was trying to touch down in the Motherland looking fabulous! Each time, I gave myself a quick spray of Evian and followed with Youthtopia to seal the moisture in. My skin was glowing and there was no product build up. Plus, this lotion contains Rhodiola extract which kept my skin firm and taut, which was great for keeping the undereye bags at bay.

$47.50, available at Origins

I also fell in love with the Origins Night Vision Relaxing Eye Mask. Thick and soft fabric with extra padding around the curves of the nose and cheeks, this mask blocked out every bit of light. It makes sleeping on a plane or in bright places much easier. It's so thick that it did make my face sweat a little on the plane. But, I'm pretty sure that our flight crew was turning on the heat in the middle of the night to mess with us. You want to deal with a stank stewardess? Fly South African Airways.

Stay moisturized, and fly fabulous, just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


yummy411 said...

glad you made a safe trip back! traveled pretty?

Inez said...

I was just wondering, as I'm going to be doing a long-haul flight from Austin, Texas to Perth, Western Australia in 19 days, are you, or aren't you allowed to take the Evian sprays on a plane? I really would like to take this product with me to keep my skin hydrated, but am getting mixed reviews as to whether or not it's allowed. If you buy the 1.7 oz size, it meets the fluid restriction, but are aerosol cans allowed? I'd appreciate so much if you could share any advice/the details of your experience with me. My email is Thanks so much!

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