Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Forgive Us Father

It's June. And, June is a month that means so many things to so many people. The end of that long educational road for the graduates like Ms. New Beauty. The beginning of a new life together for all of the June brides. And, the most important, the start of summer for everybody. June is the time to officially bust out the white linen, book your pedicures for the next three months, stock up on sunscreen and self tanner, and to figure out which tiny square of fabric called a bathing suit will look best on your body on the beach.

June is also the month for dads since we celebrate Father's Day this month. But, MNB realizes that fathers often get what she calls "the shaft." Women often treat their mothers to carefully thought out gifts like luxurious vacations and treatments at the city's best spa and then throw dad a Home Depot gift card without a second thought. Ms. New Beauty herself has been guilty of this offense many years running. But, no more. MNB is bringing you the best in beauty for Father's Day because dads deserve to Live The Beautiful Life too! And since no two dads are alike, Ms. New Beauty lists the best gifts for your type of father.

For The Cat Daddy

The Cat Daddy is a special kind of dad. He doesn't get older, he gets better. His looks sharpen with age and make him look more distinguished and experienced. Literally, the Cat Daddy is a man of a certain age who can still get a young, fly, and fresh girl by his side. The point is not if he would, but if he could. If you've got a Cat Daddy for a father, you probably know it by now. But in case you need some guidance, here are two great examples - Sean Connery and the late Ed Bradley.

Since Cat Daddy appreciates the luxuries of life, CREED Millesime Imperial is the perfect scent for him. The shiny gold bottle will look great on his bureau or in his medicine cabinet. With notes that blend the citrus with the sea, Millesime Imperial will remind him of yachting off the Amalfi Coast or make him want to if he never has. And, the women in his life will appreciate the scent too. I won't say that the smell will melt the elastic in panties, because nobody wants to think of their dad like that, but it sure smells good.

$185, available at Neiman Marcus

For the No Maintenance Man

Does your dad wash up with whatever soap was on sale? Does he only shave when he has to - ie for work and those certain social events where decency dictates a soft face? Do you have to beg him to use beauty basics like lotion or chapstick? A yes to any of these questions means you have the No Maintenance Man for a dad. I speak from experience because my dad certainly falls into this category. The No Maintenance Man won't appreciate the subtleties of products, he just needs them to get the job done. Think Bob Vila or any of the makeover recipients on Queer Eye before the Fab 5 got their hands on them. Interestingly enough, No Maintenance Man dads tend to produce very high maintenance daughters. Go figure.

For your No Maintenance Man, get him products that do double duty and fit in with his super simple routine. If your gift requires more thought than he currently expends, he won't use it. Slide Jack Black All Over Wash into his shower and he won't even notice how much you've upgraded him for Father's Day. This gentle wash is designed to be used as a facial cleanser, shampoo, and body wash. It works well for all skin types and what man can resist anything that does three things at once? If he resists, remind him that this product can cut even the most pared down routine in half. Once he works up a lather, he can get clean from head to toe, literally. After he falls in love with this, slip a bottle of this oil free sunscreen (that can be used on his scalp, face and body) into his medicine cabinet to complete the set.

$14, available at Sephora.

For the Impeccable Pops

The Impeccable Pop sometimes puts you to shame. He is the living embodiment of the words "well groomed." He reads his Sunday paper in a cashmere robe and eats every meal in nothing less than a tailored jacket. His hands are always manicured and errant nose or ear hairs do not exist. A true gentleman, he has an Old Hollywood charm about himself. If your dad taught you who the best tailors, cobblers, and dry cleaners are in your town, you have an Impeccable Pop.

Since Impeccable Pop relishes the process of grooming, upgrade his shave with this all natural Fine Badger Brush and Lemon Shaving Cream from The Art of Shaving. White foam from an aluminum can is so beneath your dad. No pre made shaving cream for him, let him whip up his own and take him back to a time when shaving was an event. The natural badger bristles will pick up the shaving cream evenly, lift his beard for a close shave and exfoliate while the cream will moisturize for the ultimate baby's bottom smooth face when he's done. The shaving cream also comes in three other varieties for your dad's exact skin type (and since he is so impeccable he already knows what it is). For a full shaving experience, pick up the Full Size Shaving Kit which includes the Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, Badger Brush, and After Shave. And, if he's prone to razor bumps, don't forget to pick up a bottle of Tend Skin.

$50 for Badger Brush and $22 for Shaving Cream, available at TheArtofShaving.com.

Treat your dad to the beautiful life, no matter what kind you got, and remember that Ms. New Beauty told you!

P.S. - I know you may be wondering why I did a beauty gift guide for Father's Day but totally skipped over Mother's Day. Well, the answer is simple my dear New Beauties - Mother's Day fell on the week my thesis was due.


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