Saturday, June 09, 2007


Ms. New Beauty just wanted to let all of her readers know that she has officially graduated and received her Juris Doctor (aka law degree, but MNB likes being able to put the word "doctor" somewhere near her name). All of the pomp and circumstance of the graduation, with extra emphasis on the pomp, has left MNB completely worn out. So much so that she slept almost fourteen hours yesterday. But once she gets her mojo back, posting will resume as normal.

And, since Ms. New Beauty was too busy to post regularly this week, she's extending the Comments for a Cure initiative. She will count every comment that she gets until June 16, even the ones not designated for charity, as part of the tally for donations. So keep them coming, even if you only leave one word.

Leave a comment, and bask in the glory of letters behind your name, but don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


Dark Circles said...

Congratulations on your JD. When do you take the Bar?

Anonymous said...


yummy411 said...

congrats girl! you are hot stuff!!

CHIC NOIR said...

Congrats Queen.

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