Thursday, July 05, 2007

$2 Thursdays

Where has Ms. New Beauty been? Well, the answer ladies, is all over the place. The end of June/beginning of July was quite busy for MNB. She hasn't been home more than two days in the last few weeks. But she sure has had fun hopping all over the East Coast. Now, she's home and ready to get back to business at MNB Enterprises.

Two nights ago, one of Ms. New Beauty's divinely fabulous friends got married, to herself! It was a wonderful affair. And, last weekend, another vivacious lady in Ms. New Beauty's life celebrated her 27th birthday. This occasion was recognized with a brunch at a great little restaurant in SoHo called Libation. The Libation brunch, New Beauties of the World, is truly something to behold. It only costs $15 and comes with three free drinks. Oh, the mimosas that morning flowed like tap water. There's nothing quite like sixteen young, educated and upwardly mobile black folks galavanting on the streets of New York semi-intoxicated in the middle of the day. Ms. New Beauty was also impressed by the Libation Thursday happy hour that features $2 Cosmos, $2 Shots, and $2 glasses of champagne. It is appropriately called $2 Thursday. And since Ms. New Beauty is such a fan, this Thursday post will feature another new fave that only costs a mere two bucks.

Sephora Super Shield Lip Saver

As many times as I have ranted on this blog about the importance of proper sun care, I have to admite that there is one place I always forget. My lips. In the summer, I tend to stick to my old faithful Rosebud Salve, even on days when I am laying out on the beach basking in the sun's full glory and baking myself in the process. Everything else gets protected, but the sun ends up penetrating my lip balm and essentially frying the outer layer of my lips. After my last Caribbean vacation, there were cereal sized flakes falling off of my poor lips. So not a good look.

The reason that I forgo sun protection for my kisser is typically an issue of texture. Most chapsticks and lip balms with SPF are thick and white, leaving me looking like a frozen corpse. But, Sephora Super Shield Lip Saver with SPF 15 has been my savior. The texture is smooth and creamy, and it goes on just as clear as my beloved Rosebud. But, this blends almond oil, shea butter and olive oil to really moisturize lips deep down and a powerful SPF 15 to keep them from getting fried. All of that and the best part - it only costs $2, a price that's much better than most drug store brand lip balms.

$2, available at Sephora

Keep your lips soft and protected, and enjoy the occasional libation every now and then, just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


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