Sunday, July 08, 2007

E Bay Bay!!

Ms. New Beauty loves all of her readers. She really does. She started this blog only to have an outlet for all the makeup talk that clutters her head and that her boyfriend can really only listen to for five minutes at a time. MNB never had any idea that so many women (and men!) would find what she writes interesting, entertaining and valuable. She is constantly impressed by her sitemeter statistics. But, Ms. New Beauty loves when she gets to hear her readers' feedback one on one. She takes the love and the criticism all in and tries to make Ms. New Beauty better. But she's gotten one comment more often than the others. It typically goes like this - "Ms. New Beauty, I love your blog but I just can't afford some of that stuff. Can you recommend something cheaper?" MNB has expensive taste in skin care and cosmetics but she also understands what it means to be a New Beauty on a Budget. Trust her, she does! So this post will let all those New Beauties with financial constraints in on one of her favorite beauty resources.


I know what you're thinking. Ebay? For makeup? Yes! I know a lot of people don't trust eBay. I didn't myself for a long time after I sent a money order for a Prada purse and the seller disappeared the day the postman delivered it. (Serves me right though, $89 for a Prada purse just does not happen in real life). But, I've learned that eBay can be a great resource if you use it right.

I have just a few simple rules to buying beauty on eBay.
  1. Only buy products that you have used/tried in person. Most sellers don't do returns so eBay is not the place to try new things.
  2. Read the descriptions CAREFULLY and make sure you check the size that the person is selling. You may find yourself tricked into paying for a trial sized bottle of your favorite cleanser.
  3. Only buy products advertised as brand new and still sealed.
And, now I'll let you in on the one product I buy exclusively from eBay. Proactiv Solution. Yup, the acne system that Diddy uses to moisturize his situation and Jessica Simpson, L.Lo, and Alicia Keys have all hocked on infomercials. It's cheesy but it works. But, before we forget, it's expensive. $40 for cleanser and moisturizer that runs out within a few weeks is a little steep. But Proactiv products are all over eBay. I've gotten two bottles of the cleanser for less than $10. I won't ever buy it in the mall again. I'm all about my eBay. Since my beloved Biotherm has ceased all US operations and the products are only available online, I've taken to buying my dear Aquasource Gel moisturizer on eBay as well.

Start bidding, and get your goodies on eBay, just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!

P.S. I will readily admit that "Ay Bay Bay" is by no means a good song, but for some reason I just love it! I couldn't resist sneaking it in here in the name of the post.

P.S.S. I hope you noticed that changed the layout, not too much, I just added another column. But for the life of me I can't figure out how to get rid of those dark blue bars so if anyone is an html whiz, let me know.

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Jamie@city-its said...

I totally agree on makeup purchases on Ebay and your guidelines for it are great.:) And I like that horrid song too. My favorite line is "White Folks,Gangsta,and dem thugs..." Now that is a mix at a club!

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