Tuesday, July 24, 2007


It's almost August and summer is certainly in full swing. Ms. New Beauty lives in the northeast where summers are characterized by upwards of 90% humidity and sweltering heat. There are days where MNB can actually see the moisture hanging in the air. These days often feature Ms. New Beauty timing her walk/run to and from the car to make sure that her hair doesn't swell up like feet in flip flops. In the midst of all of this, MNB has pared down her daily makeup routine to only the bare necessities - eyebrow pencil to perfect her arches, a swipe of mascara, and just a hint of color for her cheeks. But, some days the errant blemish pops up or her complexion is just a little mottled. MNB's skin is naturally oily (and gets even more so in the heat) so even a tinted moisturizer turns out to be too heavy. Ms. New Beauty would put it on at 9 and by 10:30 her forehead had turned into a oil slick that would put Exxon Valdez to shame. What is a New Beauty to do? It is far too hot and humid for a full face of makeup that will surely melt away within the hour but the pursuit of skin perfection mandates some solution. MNB knew there had to be some middle ground. Well, here it is.

M.A.C. Cosmetics Flashtronic Mineralize Skinfinish

For years, I bounced between wearing makeup or just going completely bare in summer. I figured out a little while ago that just a hint of bronzer does the trick for me. The hint of color darkens me up just enough to even things out and the shimmer draws the eye where I want it to go (i.e. away from any breakouts). The problem was that most powder bronzers were designed for fairer skin tones and ended up so light that they did nothing for my brown skin. And, the ones that did work were gels or creams that brought me right back to oil slick territory.

But this new powder highlighter from M.A.C. gives me just the perfect effect. While traditional makeup rules will have you put bronzer only on temples and cheekbones, this skin finish is versatile enough for full face usage. Just a light dusting with a very, very fluffy powder brush, and I'm glowing, evened out and not the slightest bit greasy. Global Glow is the perfect shade to use on my whole face while Gold Spill, a lighter champagne shade, works well for highlighting my bone structure. Northern Light is a pinkier/blush shade which was too light and ashy for me. It gave me horrid flashbacks of an ill-fated run in with Nars Orgasm.

And, my favorite part of this whole collection - you know I had to have a favorite part - is that the powders are all mixed up and baked in looking. They have the prettiest swirl effects running through them that make you almost scared to mess up the design with your brush.
The Flashtronic collection also has some great eyeshadows in pretty, swirled metallic shades. They can look a little disco a go-go but they go on very sheer and subtle. Tectonic looked like acid green in the compact but was a very shimmery, sublte gold on my eyes. Flashtronic is a limited edition collection in stores until September 27, so go get it now if you're interested.

$24.50, available at M.A.C. counters

Bronze it up instead of foundation, keep yourself comfortable and cool, but just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!

P.S. - M.A.C. has another limited edition collection in stores this summer too called Rushmetal. Stay tuned for a very special announcement on Ms. New Beauty about Rushmetal.


Iry said...

I like nude makeup and thanks for sharing this great tip! :)

yummy411 said...

mnb.. what do you apply it with, cuz all over is nice, but outside in the sunlight.. it takes on that disco ago go sparkly shine! i can only use it on my cheeks.. however, i do subscribe to the bronzer theory in the summer, only it has to be matte for me to keep the shine at bay..

Ms. New Beauty said...

I normally use Kevyn Aucoin's large blush brush. It's expensive at $65, but it's the biggest fluffiest brush ever so it makes it really hard to go overboard. I feel you on the disco look but, I'm a little browner that you yum so it's a more subtle effect.

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