Monday, August 06, 2007

Exit to Ecstasy

What a Saturday Ms. New Beauty had! MNB's sister is getting married in the fall and celebrated the occasion, as many brides do, with a bridal shower. This shower was a wonderful event, however, it took place in Connecticut - three hours away from Ms. New Beauty's home. And, getting to Connecticut on a summer Saturday is no small feat. What should have been a relatively simple three hour drive ended up being a four and a half hour study on the traffic patterns of New Englanders. And, all of the traffic heading towards the event was in Connecticut. Not on the Jersey Turnpike, not crossing the George Washington Bridge in New York. Just concentrated on an accident-free, construction-less stretch of I-95 in Connecticut.

Now, Ms. New Beauty wore her cute high heeled mules for this trip, which are not driving shoes, in case you were confused. So, after about thirty minutes in the car, MNB had to kick those shoes off and drive barefoot. It was a little uncomfortable and produced a moderate foot cramp, but Ms. New Beauty persisted because the heels were far too shaky on the accelerator. Her right foot made it to the shower with not too much pain. But, on the way back, when Ms. New Beauty saw that traffic approaching New York City was just bumper to bumper, she couldn't take it anymore. She pulled right off the highway and headed into the city to give her cramped foot exactly what it needed and deserved - a pedicure and a fresh coat of polish.

Essie Nail Polish in Life Saver

After all that driving, my right foot was coming down with bad case of carpal tunnel (if that's possible in feet). I just had to stop by my favorite SoHo nail salon, Spa Belle, and treat myself to their wonderful spa pedicure. Oh, it is an hour of absolute bliss. They add milk to the bath for extra softening, scrub callouses and dead skin with painstaking diligence, and massage and rub your feet and legs with the most relaxing blends of oils and lotions. I so did not want to leave when Kay was finished with me. The only hard part of the pedicure process was picking the right nail color.

This summer, I have been absolutely loving the coral nail polish. It used to seem like a Palm Beach Bitty shade, but coral has taken on a much more modern look lately. It is one of the few shades that truly lives up to the phrase universally flattering. Because coral is a mix of pink and peach, it really does work with every shade, undertone and color of skin that exists in this universe, not just the lightest ones. But, depending on the situation - like a very stuffy conservative workplace - coral can be a little too much on the hands. It's bright and it screams "hey, look at me" which means that it is perfect for your pedicured toes. It is the right shade to peek out of your flip flops, wedges and sandals at any of your summertime outings.

We've established that coral is amazing, but now the question goes to which coral is the best. Is it a pinky coral or a peachy one? Darker or lighter? More red or more orange? Well, I've been trying almost every coral incarnation this summer. There has only been one non-coral diversion for my toes, and it only lasted about 5 days. I just couldn't take it. So far, Essie Lifesaver has been my favorite. It's more on the orange side of coral with a little of a golden shimmer. But it has just the right amount of pink to keep the shade from reading too citrusy. This polish added the perfect bit of punch to my black and white bridal shower ensemble and totally lifted my spirits after hours and hours of traffic.

$8, avaiable at

Treat your tootsies right, pick a polish that's pretty and lifts your spirits, but just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!

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