Thursday, August 02, 2007

MNB All Over The World

Ms. New Beauty loves to travel. In the past few years, she's gotten quite a few new stamps in her passport and she loves it!!!! Each little stamp makes her excited and she just can't wait to get another one. She wants to live in abroad for at least two years. She wants to step foot on every continent (well, not Antarctica) and as many countries as possible. She just wants to go as many places and see as many faces as she can. But, as much as she likes to travel, Ms. New Beauty has really only been one place when it comes to the internet - right here! This little site is her home and her haven. But now she's starting to get her internet travel on and skipping herself all around the world wide web.

Now, this is no cause for worry dear New Beauties. MNB will always be here with her product reviews and beauty musings. But she's also branching out and is now a featured guest blogger on Imperious Entertainment!!!!! Her first post over at Imperious is another installment of Cheap & Chic, the Bronze Goddess Edition. Check her out and make sure you leave a comment.

Get your internet travel on and visit MNB at Imperious Ent., but just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!

And, really don't forget to sign up for the giftbag giveaway. Less than one week left!!!!!

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