Monday, September 10, 2007

Excuse Me While I Spray My Nose

What a weekend Ms. New Beauty had! Fashion Week is in full swing and for the first time ever(!), MNB made it into the hallowed tents at Bryant Park. She and the girls had a ball! They hit up the M.A.C. reception and met a bunch of other beauty bloggers. They got their photos snapped by a photographer for a Japanese magazine, which at first they thought might be Black Tail Japan but turned out to be a reputable publication. And, they saw the so-fine-it-ought-to-be-criminal Nigel Barker in person. That man is nothing less than 6+ feet of walking deliciousness. Best of all, Ms. New Beauty and the girls got inside the tents and witnessed their first real fashion show. The energy was amazing, the music was perfect, and the clothes were fabulous. There were celebrity sightings aplenty, but MNB is such a fashion whore that the people she was most excited to see were Robert Verdi and Lauren Ezersky. She can officially die a happy woman now. But with all the excitement, and fashionistas, and it-bags, and swag, the humidity almost knocked Ms. New Beauty and her girls over. Obviously, New York didn't get the memo that it's September and summer is over. Always prepared for a makeup meltdown, Ms. New Beauty kept her face fashionable in tact with just a few pumps of a spray bottle.

Cosmedicine Medi-Matte Oil Control Spray

The first time I pulled this out of my bag for a quick spray touch up, I know the girls were thinking "here we go again" and probably rolling their eyes while mine were closed. I will readily admit it, I am a product junkie. Actually, I think I surpassed junkie at 19 and would now be considered a true fiend. I love products and am willing to try as many as my bank account will allow, so I know that about 90% of the things that I tote around with me on a daily basis are probably unnecessary. But this one is totally essential.

This spray is just perfect for those hot, swelteringly humid days when you feel like your skin is ready to revolt at any given second. For years and years, hot and bothered women cooled off with a quick mist of Evian. It's perfect for cooling off skin and refreshing your makeup. But really, what does Evian do but make you all wet? There's nothing in it but water, so why not get all of the cooling and refreshing benefits from a product that's still willing to do more? Enter Medi-Matte. This little bottle delivers the perfect superfine mist with just one pump. It offers the same purified water as Evian, but also adds in shine absorption and pore minimizing to its resume. Even in the thick and oppressive New York humidity, this spray gave me a shine-free yet natural and refreshed complexion. And, by the end of the weekend, my friend who I lovingly call Nikki Hilton was going through my bag and searching for it on her own.

$35, available only at Sephora

Live a fashionable and beautiful life, but keep that skin shine free, and don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


Anonymous said...

Just so everyone knows, Sephora is having a great sale on Becca products. Pressed powder for $9.50... :)

Bath Body Junky said...

I absolutely love your blog. I have you listed as one of my favorites. Sounds like you had a wonderful time in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog - and favorited it. If bootylicious is a lexicologically accepted word, so should "favorited" be, in the Age of Google.

On to combatting the effects of humidity ...

Wrapping tissue paper cut into little squares works wonders in blotting grease slicks. The best thing is that you get the paper for free when you order clothing, etc. from a catalog. Plus you get to reuse (?) one gratuituous paper product that would otherwise end up in the trash straightway. What's not to love?

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