Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fun With Foam

Ms. New Beauty is obsessed with quite a few things in life. Finding really good salads in every city she visits, keeping up on the latest happenings with LC and Heidi on The Hills, and the newest innovations in kitchen and bathroom design are among her chief obsessions lately. Clearly, beauty products and regimes will always have a spot near the top of her list. MNB's been scrubbing her feet to remove all traces of dry skin since she was about 12 years old. She's had a standing weekly hair appointment just as long. And, she started exfoliating her lips at 19 and has been taking a toothbrush to them daily since then. But, Ms. New Beauty had resisted adopting a routine to deal with her pores. Truthfully, MNB was never quite sure what her pores did and why they looked the way they looked. She avoided looking up the information and looking at them because she knew that as soon as she did, she'd be adopting another routine to coerce those tiny holes into perfect submission. Unfortunately, Ms. New Beauty could only ignore her pores for so long before they started screaming out for attention. Luckily, she happened upon a new product to take away all of the guesswork and whip her pores into shape with hardly any effort.

Olay Pore Refining Mousse

I had no idea that I'd been neglecting my pores so badly. Last week, I was in my mother's bathroom, which is really a room where you can settle in and enjoy any pampering experience, and I was checking the results of a severely botched eyebrow waxing in her super magnifying mirror. I could barely concentrate on my brows once I caught a glimpse of my pores blown up 1000% in that mirror. I was so ashamed and totally had an "it's a wonder people still talk to me with pores like these" moment a la Winona from Daddy Likey's mom. After I got over my shock, and the temptation to call and curse out my best girls for letting me walk around looking like a golfball with all of these craters on my face, I went and washed with this fabulous foamy cleanser.

This is almost like shaving cream for women. You just shake the can and push the button to dispense a fistful of foam. Then just smooth it on and rinse it off. There's no scrubbing, no buffing, no circular motions required. Simply smoothing it on is enough to deep clean your pores and snap them back to normal size. It leaves your skin squeaky clean but isn't drying at all. Follow with your normal moisturizer and a soft, smooth poreless complexion will be in your five day forecast. Oh, and just for fun, if you apply only to the bottom half of your face, you can completely freak out the man in your life and have him watching your neck just a little closer for telltale signs of Adam's Apples past. From now on, I'm staying away from magnifying mirrors and keeping a can of this in my medicine cabinet.

Now, I have no idea what's going on with the people at Olay because they've already begun advertising this cleanser in print ads and on tv (check out Yaya from ANTM in the commercial), but they haven't listed it on their website yet or sent it to any of their online retailers. I bought this with no problem from my local suburban drugstore, so maybe it's just an issue of getting the online presence together.

Around $7, in drugstores (hopefully!)

Stay away from magnifying mirrors, keep your pores clean and tight, and remember that Ms. New Beauty told you!

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Anonymous said...

MNB thanks for saving my face!!!!! I'd been using NEutrogena and Biore for a recent adult acne phase with absolutely no success....then I tried the foam by Oil of Olay and in two days, my skin has been restored to it's pre-oily, pre-breakout, pre-blackhead beauty!!!!! thank you thank you thank you thank you and Oil of Olay for the perfect product for me. I will be purchsing the rest of their line soon! Can you recommend anything for the dark spots that the acne left behind?? much love!!

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