Friday, January 25, 2008

Mustang Sally

In some aspects of life, Ms. New Beauty can be the walking definition of the marketing term "brand loyalty." When MNB finds something she likes, she sticks with it and accepts no substitutes. Like, she will reach into the depths of her wardrobe for clean clothes before she does laundry with anything less than Tide. The taste of any orange juice but Tropicana just assaults MNB's palate. When it comes to her beauty products, Ms. New Beauty is a little more willing to venture out and try new things. She can't afford to pledge her utmost loyalty to any one brand because not every product works for her every time. She may love a company's moisturizer but find their face scrub not "scrubby" enough. Normally, MNB finds that of the brands she love, their products always work, but sometimes they just don't work for her. Except for one brand in particular - Sally Hansen. Sally Hansen has the peculiar ability to create products that Ms. New Beauty absolutely loves, like this dark polish from fall, and simultaneously promote products that are just plain old crap and do not work, like this so-called "colorless"airbrush foundation. (Notice how "no color" certainly has a color that is a shade that wouldn't even match most fair-skinned New Beauties). So, this post brings us both an all-star product and an absolute Money Saver from a brand that's as hit or miss with beauty as a 6-year-old little leaguer.

Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit

This is one product by Sally that I always have on hand. Anyone who's been waxed regularly realizes that the waxing process is pretty straight forward. Submit yourself to an esthetician's spatula enough times and you'll have the procedure down pat. And, you'll realize that only certain areas take real skill to make hairless. When it comes to eyebrows and bikini lines, it pays to let a professional handle those hairs. Anywhere else though, you can do it yourself. And, this kit makes that so easy.

There's no mess from goopy wax that needs to be microwaved or cotton strips that shed strands. In this kit, you'll pre-waxed plastic strips that are pretty much ready to go. Just rub between your palms to warm the wax a little and pull the plastic apart to give yourself two strips that are ready to rip. Smooth them on in the direction of your hair growth, grab the skin tight, and pull quick in the opposite direction. You'll end up smooth and hairless. Rub on a little bit of the included oil to remove any stray wax and you're good to go. The best part is, you can wax your whole body for way less than you would pay to just get your brows done at a salon or spa.

Around $8, available at drugstores

Sally Hansen Gentle Peel for Rough Lips

Any loyal New Beauty knows that dry skin is my declared nemesis. I never leave the house without lotion and lip balm lest my mortal enemy catches me slipping. I am also known to vigorously overscrub my lips with a toothbrush in pursuit of a perfectly soft pucker. So, when I first saw this product featured in a magazine, I thought it could be the cure to my toothbrush lip scrubs and just knew I had to have it. I went right out to the drugstore, searched the beauty section until I found it and had swiped it on my lips before even pulling out of the parking space.

This treatment is a fruit acid based peel that gently exfoliates lips to get rid of dry, chapped skin. It comes in a small tube that makes it simple to give your lips a peeling treatment any time. The concept behind it is great! Sadly, the exclamation points of excitement stop there. The concept is wonderful, but the result could not be more disappointing. After using this religiously for weeks, it made no difference. I actually didn't notice any less dry skin after the first use, but I stuck with it for a few more weeks just to be fair. And, I can fairly say it didn't do a damn thing. It actually felt like my lips were a little drier than before after each application. What's worse, this product comes with a felt tip applicator that started to smell bad after a week or so. Something in the formula made the applicator smell like gym socks after repeated use and that is absolutely the last thing I want to smell as I'm approaching my face with a product. This could have been revolutionary if only Sally had gotten right. If only.

About $10, but save it and buy the wax strips instead

Love Sally Hansen when she's lovable, but save your money when she comes with the crap, and this time, tell a friend that Ms. New Beauty told you!


Girl-Woman said...

As a pale face, I will save the bucks on this one. I normally like SH, too. Found the new faux acrylic to be a good choice.

Enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lip exfoliating's been killing me this winter.


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