Thursday, January 24, 2008

Back to Basics

Ms. New Beauty both loves and hates the arrival of new spring collections in early winter. Because she is a Northeastern girl, born and bred, it is always far too cold for her to truly partake in the lovely little dresses and pretty printed delicate fabrics that typically march down the runways in fall and hit the stores right around now. On the beauty front, MNB is always delighted by the return of petal pinks and cream corals that are often included in spring cosmetic collections. Fall and winter collections have been so loaded down with deep, dark hues that the release of spring looks is such a welcome change of pace by late January. But something just isn't right about looking like Miami when you live in a tundra-like town. To Ms. New Beauty, some of those bright colors are simply a tease to her, reminding her that they won't be fitting the temperature or mood of her environment for quite a few months. Rather than swear off spring's pretty palettes or be forced to stick with the dark and heavy makeup looks that she's so tired of by now, Ms. New Beauty has found the perfect compromise - nothing!

M.A.C. N Collection

N Collection is an idea so simple, it's genius! This is a collection of face, eye, lip and nail color designed to give you the perfect nude look. Now, we all know that you can always get the products you need for a nude face, lips or eyes. But instead of wandering all over the beauty department trying to find that lipstick that looks like you're not wearing lipstick from, say, 35 different cosmetic counters, M.A.C. has put them all here together at once. This collection is essentially the building block of any respectable train case or cosmetic pouch. These are the Little Black Dresses and White Button Down shirts of your cosmetic wardrobes - those basics that are so simple yet stunning and go with absolutely everything else that you own.

The N Color Collection features the lipsticks, glosses, nail polishes, eye shadows and lip liners that will perfectly complement any stronger cosmetic looks. Use the lip colors when you're doing a dark or heavy eye and switch out to the nude eyeshadows when you're sporting a bold lip. My favorite, favorite from this collection though are the polishes. The naturally rich is actually the perfect shade of brown to just blend in with my complexion and the Demi Blanc is the prettiest metallic oyster. It's light enough to be perfectly conservative but the metallic sheen gives it enough depth not to be boring.

The N Face Collection brings back those absolutely coveted Mineralize Skin Finish baked powder foundations and bronzers to make your skin look perfect yet completely natural and untouched.

N Collection is on counter now, but for a limited time so get it while the gettin is good.

Indulge in a new spring treat without looking out of place while it's still winter, but just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!

(Photo courtesy of Specktra)

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rocketqueen said...

I loove my Light Flush! Thinking of getting a lipstick too but!

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