Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I Can't Believe It's Not Pudding

One of Ms. New Beauty's greatest joys in life is eating and eating well. She's not so much a "foodie" as she is a "greedy" - meaning that she can rarely turn down the opportunity to eat really, really good food. Naturally, MNB loves to eat out. From 5 Star restaurants (on the cheap during restaurant week) to local Mom & Pops, if you cook it, Ms. New Beauty will come. She also loves eating out with friends and of course, tasting food from their plates. What never ceases to amaze MNB is some of her friends funny eating habits. Like one fabulous lawyer friend of hers who always wants to try something that the restaurant does not specialize in. She'll order Moet at a small town pub or even cheesecake from a greasy Thai joint. (In the latter instance, said cheesecake proved to be of the frozen Sara Lee variety and came to the table completely melted as the waiter had put it in the microwave to defrost). Ms. New Beauty has another close friend, we'll call her D, who is more predictable than Tyra "that's fierce/she's pretty, [dramatic pause] but is she a model?/you're dead behind the eyes" Banks on ANTM when it comes to eating. If a restaurant serves pancakes, that's what D will order. If you offer D pudding, she will eat it, even if she's full to the point of sickness. Well, Ms. New Beauty just found a delightful pudding for D that won't make her wish she could resist.

Epoch Baobab Body Butter

This body butter is perfect for dry, parched winter skin that hasn't quite adjusted to the slightly rising temperatures. Named for the African tree that's known for it's ability to survive droughts by storing water, this body butter is ridiculously moisturizing. It is packed with shea butter, which any person who has ever been ashy knows is one of the world most moisturizing ingredients, macadamia nut oil, and the actual fruit of the baobab tree. The texture is smooth and creamy without being too thin. It sinks right in and leaves my skin soft and supple without being greasy. I've found a lot of shea butter moisturizers leave trails of grease in their wakes that almost make you prefer being dry and ashy.

What I really love, and what D will die for, is the fact that it smells just like vanilla pudding. It's sweet, but for some reason, it doesn't make me want to chuck it, which is normally my reaction to the gourmand scents. This one smells like vanilla, but doesn't beat you over the head trying to make its point. It just kind of wafts up and lets you realize that all that smooth, creamy moisture smells good too. It's a humble body butter, if such a thing ever existed.

$29.50, available at nuskin.com

Find treats for your friends that treat their quirks too but just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!

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Anonymous said...

Everyone has a twin, they say?
Well, your friend D may be my mystery twin. My name also starts with a D and I LOVE smooth, sweet, desserts - especially pudding. By extension I love body butters; my favorite texture is of the Dead Sea Premier Body Butter that a sales guy forcibly applied on me in a mall. (Are you familiar with their ... ahem ... strong arm tactics?) Unfortunately, their body butters come in only two flavors; a yummy vanilla would be just divine.

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