Monday, March 03, 2008

Surprise Sunshine!

Ms. New Beauty really likes to entertain. From a simple dinner at home to a full out catered backyard barbecue with tents, MNB is in her element putting together a fun event. So it was only fitting that she decided to throw a birthday party this weekend for her boyfriend who has never celebrated his big day. Just to shake things up a bit, she decided to make this bash a surprise party and conspire with one of his friends to get him to the club after all the other guests had arrived. Sounds simple in theory but it actually required a lot of work. First, she had to send out a number of "semi" threatening emails to keep people in the loop without anyone spilling the beans. (Ms. New Beauty found that threatening a fine for violations was surprisingly effective). Then, on the day of the actual event, MNB's fingers were caught in a flurry of texting. Texting the friend who was bringing him to the club almost every other minute for location checks. Texting other friends who were having trouble at the door to hide out at the WaMu ATM so as not to ruin the surprise. All in all, the party was worth the trouble. Ms. New Beauty's boyfriend was completely surprised and had a great time. But, now, on the Monday after, MNB is looking down to find that all that furious texting has left her hands badly in need of a manicure. The polish is chipped, cuticles are dry, and those pesky hangnails are starting to creep up. So today, she's going to pamper her fingers and treat them to the newest trend in nail colors, just in time to bring in the spring.

OPI Need Sunglasses?

This bright, lemony yellow is the perfect shade to wear on your nails this spring. After what seems like an eternity of black, dark purple, and navy nails, this is like a breath of fresh air. Especially since it seems like everyone from 80 year old retirees to 8 year old elementary school kids had black nails this winter. This sounds incredibly snobby of me, but once a trend hits the masses, you really have to let it go.

With this, you get the same sense of the unexpected that made the dark nail polishes so interesting, but in a much newer way. Plus, the yellow will really stand out against most skin tones and give the same dramatic contrast. And, yellow just makes me happy. I see yellow and I want to smile and giggle and frolic. This will be my own personal springtime on my fingers.

Around $7.50, available in drugstores and at

Creative Nail Design Hot Pop Blue

This spring, both Chanel and Dior released their takes on the navy nail polish trend. And, while I normally love both companies' cosmetics, I couldn't help but think "too little, too late." Why would I pay $20 for dark blue polish released four months too late when OPI Russian Navy was only $7.50 and released while the trend was still relevant? But, I digress.

Navy nails were quite a beautiful take on the dark polish trend. Blue is such a new and different color for nails in a sea of reds and pinks. But after two dark winters, it's time to update that look for spring. Try this bright pop of blue instead. The opaque finish makes this color's statement much bolder than a shade in a shimmer or frost finish. This would look fabulous paired with some of this seasons neutral, safari-inspired pieces. It'll be just that touch of the unexpected that makes life interesting.

$5.95, available at

OPI Goin Ape-ricot

First, don't you just love the names OPI gives their polishes? I know I can't be the only one laughing at bottles of nail polish at the salon. Moving on.

Want to get in on the bright nail trend but need to keep your nails a little more subdued for work? Try a pretty tangerine shade like this. It's just a little bolder than your average coral, but still not so left field that your manager will wonder if you lead a secret double life once the clock strikes 5. And, since this polish has the aforementioned pearl finish, the look is much softer and wearable.

The best part about wearing an orange shade is that you can always find one to suit your complexion. Since orange is a mix of yellow and red, you can just choose a shade that has more of one or the other to suit your undertones. My complexion is really yellow based, so this would work well on me. For those of you with more pink or red in your skin, look for a shade that's more like a ripe tomato.

About $7.50, available at and drugstores

Treat your fingers to bright burst of spring with your next manicure, and give the darks a much needed break, but just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


karen said...

Ooh! I love that OPI Need Sunglasses shade, and $7.50 is cheap. I think it'll look good on my skin tone too. Nice find!

Apryl said...

I'm definitely gonna try the yellow, it is my fav color...

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