Tuesday, September 26, 2006

One Hour, Thirteen Minutes Left

of one of the greatest makeup sales EVER!!!!! New brand e.l.f. (eyes. lips. face.) is having a ridiculous sale for today only. 90% of their makeup is on sale for just $1. Yes, just a buck!!!!!!!! Shipping is guaranteed for only $5. These are prices that just don't happen, so when they do, you take full advantage. I just bought a full makeup brush set, all kinds of lip gloss, eye shadow, and other goodies for less than $30.

And, despite the ridiculous sale prices, e.l.f. has some really great products. I'd already read about them in magazines for the past few months, so this sale was all the motivation I needed to try them out. The standout product so far is the fully customizable compact kit. You get a palette with four blanks that can fit a huge range of eye shadows and lip glosses. You an put all your makeup needs into one palette in your purse. They also have premade compacts for those of us who needs less choices in life, not more. Another cute, but probably useless item is a mini lip gloss that clips onto your cell phone. Now, nobody really ever needs something like that, but it's cute and when it's only a dollar, why not try it????

Sorry for posting this so late in the day ladies. I was out to dinner and didn't hear about it until I got home. But, after I finished purchasing my stuff, you know I came right over here to inform the rest of the world. The sale is only going on until 11:59 pm tonight, so get over there quick.

Go quickly, buy all kinds of goodies, and don't forget that Ms. New Beauty sent you!

Update - so apparently the $1 makeup at e.l.f. isn't a sale, that's the normal price for all of their products. If you're just now reading this post, you can still knock yourself out; it's never too late.


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