Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hands Down

Now what kind of FAMU alumna would I be if I hadn't headed down to Atlanta for the Classic this weekend. Me and the girls had all kinds of fun, meaning lots of late nights and early mornings. The only things that kept me from looking like a wretched and ragged lady of the night were my under-eye concealer and white eyeliner on my lower lash line. Of course all that fun and partying came at a price, I now have a nasty little cold and haven't left the house since I got back late Sunday night.

We all know that Rule #1 of cold care is wash your hands often. Washing at least two or three times an hour should be wearing me out but I'm truly loving the experience thanks to my new favorite hand soap and my own little personal hand treatment.

Molton Brown Fine Liquid Hand Wash

This is the gentlest hand soap I've ever used. Actually, I don't think you can even properly call this soap. Hand wash is better, especially since that's what the creators have chosen to call it. I use the White Mulberry formula and it is so lovely. Lifts my spirits every time I lather up. Plus, the white mulberry and essential oils have natural anti-aging benefits to keep hands looking young. We all know that it isn't wrinkles or grey hair that gives away age. It's always the hands and the neck. I'm still at the height of my youth but it's never too early to start protecting yourself against the signs of aging. I plan to have the skin on the back of my hand snapping right back from now until 90.

The best part is I got hooked on this by using the sample I got in my gift bag from the Neiman Marcus Beauty Event. I told you that thing was the greatest. If you didn't heed my advice this time, make sure you're there next year.

Barielle 60 Second Manicure

You would think that my hands and cuticles would be dried out by now, especially since you all know that I'm far too lazy to keep up a regular manicure. I ought to be walking around the Penthouse with gorilla fists by now, but I'm not. These hands are soft and supple and feeling like a newborn's. I've been using my Barielle 60 Second Manicure every morning when I wake up. It's a natural sea salt scrub with essential oils made just for your hands. A vigorous scrub for a minute or two instantly exfoliates hands, removes cuticles, and gives you the softest handshake a grown woman has ever had. I get excited for any new opportunity to exfoliate since dry, dead skin is my nemesis, the Newman in my life. And, this keeps me from cutting my own cuticles, a huge no no when it comes to hand and nail care. Plus, the scrubbing really leaves my hands feeling invigorated, like these are the hands that will rule the world. My delusions of grandeur aside, I am so in love with this product.

Try them, use them, have the softest and youngest looking hands in the world, and remember that Ms. New Beauty sent you!


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