Sunday, October 15, 2006

Back to Work

Ms. New Beauty has been so busy for this past week or so, that she hasn't had time to share the love with her readers. Mea culpa ladies. Anyway, because of the break, there are so many things to let you know about.

Favorite Freebies

Now everyone knows that I am a big fan of CoverGirl Lash Exact mascara. So much so that it is one of the products I use literally every day and it's earned itself the coveted position as one of the Everyday All-Stars. (Look to your right and you'll see the permanent position it's earned here). Well, the good people at CoverGirl have created the LashExact Mobile Tour to encourage women to try it. Somewhere along the line, a humble beauty blogger with the initials MNB caught the attention of the tour's publicist. They sent her the below email about the tour.

I wanted to touch base to let you know that CoverGirl has created the LashExact Mobile Tour and Mail-in Promotion in an effort to encourage women to try the new LashExact Mascara (FOR FREE!). As part of the tour, a specially created purple LashExact Mobile Tour Van, will visit participating retail partners, including CVS, Ulta and Kmart, encouraging women to turn in their department store mascara in exchange for a free full-sized LashExact Mascara.

Being that there are only 8 stops on the LashExact Mobile Tour, and the Van itself is so unique (it is purple, with a larger than life size mascara wand on top of it!) I thought more people would be interested in learning more about it and of course how they can get a free mascara (LashExact mascara, with its new breakthrough brush technology, provides a better lash experience than the leading department store mascara, delivering clump-free and beautifully separated lashes!)

The entire tour will run through the end of October, when it makes its final stop in Boston (October 25th-29th.) Other cities on the tour include: Philadelphia, Chicago, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Orlando, New York City and Washington DC. As an added bonus, consumers who will not have the tour stopping near their hometown (or can't make it to the stops) can take advantage of the Mail-in Promotion by sending their old department store mascara to CoverGirl in exchange for a free LashExact Mascara. Consumers can visit, to find out when the LashExact Mobile Tour will be near their hometown or how to make a mail in exchange.
Free products are the best. But they're even better when they're products I already know and love. If you haven't had the motivation to try LashExact by now, this should be all you need. Mail your old mascara in and make sure you stop by if you see this van.

Signature Scents

MNB was also contacted by a gentleman named Stephen about his new fragrance oil business, Scent Design. Scent Design offers customers completely custom blended fragrance oils. Now, the best perfumes are pure fragrance oil. Ever wonder why Creed costs so much? It's all fragrance oil. There's no alcohol or water added to dilute it. It's completely the pure fragrance oil.

Scent Design offers you the pure fragrance oil, but unlike ready made perfumes, you decide exactly what oils you want blended, how they are combined, and how strong each scent is. With 40 different fragrances, the combinations are endless. You can equally mix oils and even add just a sublte hint of a specific scent. There's also a suggested "recipe" list for those of us who don't need any more decisions to make. And, Scent Design offers a liberal return policy so if you didn't realize that you're not a patchouli girl, you can send it back and try again. The scent comes in a portable rollerball bottle and you know MNB loves anything that she can fit in her purse. The best part? Your customized fragrance starts out at only $10 a bottle.

Now, MNB has not tried Scent Design yet, but she loves the concept and thinks it's a great idea. Perfume lovers, give it a try.

Get stuff for free, smell sweet, and don't forget that Ms. New Beauty sent you!

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Johnica J. Garrett said...

Thanks to the humble MNB for sharing such wonderful tips with us :)

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