Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blame It On Brazil

Ms. New Beauty isn't necessarily what most people consider an adventurous kind of chick. She pretty much sticks to the basics of life, except of course when she's traveling. Once that passport gets stamped, MNB is willing to try almost anything. This explains why she decided to have all the hair below her eyelashes removed on whim at a cute little spa in Tunisia. She could do without the little old woman who spoke only Arabic and bathed her head to toe after the waxing, but my oh my was she in love with the results. She was head over heels with the smoothness until the first of those nasty little hair bumps popped up. Since then, she's been on a crusade to rid the word "ingrown" from her vocabulary. Well guess who just hit delete in the MNB personal lexicon?

Bliss Ingrown Hair Eliminating Pads

To combat the ingrowns, I typically armed myself with surgical tip tweezers and an alcohol soaked cotton ball and headed into the bathroom daily to perform my own little mini surgery to extract the ingrowns. Despite the huge sense of accomplishment whenever I actually got one out, that routine was tiring and probably really unsafe. But, no more self-operating for me.

These little ingenious pads work wonders. My partner in crime (and by crime I mean shopping, clubbing, and all around fabulous living) has been using these since her first waxing and convinced me that they work. Ever the skeptic, I finally tried them last month and I have not had one ingrown, that's right not-a-tender-ugly-painful-damned-one hair bump. The combination of hydroxy acids and green tea extracts must be some magical potion because I have had a smooth and simple regrowth period. Use everyday after your shower to keep those nasty little bumps away because honestly, is the waxing worth the $75 you spend when the very hairs you snatch out revolt and ruin your Brazilian after only a few days? I didn't think so. And, unless you're in the mood to waste money, skip these and stick with the Bliss pads.

Try it, use it, stay smooth, and don't forget Ms. New Beauty told you!


Johnica J. Garrett said...

I wonder if these would work on a guys face?

Ms. New Beauty said...

They're supposed to, at least that's what's listed on the website. It's worth a try.

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