Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Ms. New Beauty's favorite holiday, besides her birthday, is Christmas. She loves everything about Christmastime. The trees, the ornaments, the cookies, the cheesy sweaters that middle aged school teachers wear, oh the list goes on. Idealistic as it may be, MNB truly believes that the world is more peaceful and people are better to each other around the holidays. Besides TNT's 24 hour marathon of The Christmas Story (you'll shoot your eye out, you'll shoot your eye out), MNB really looks forward to the shopping. She loves getting presents, but she also really loves buying great things for the people she loves. Now, some believe that Christmas shopping begins on Black Friday. And for those people, MNB just giggles at their naivete. For we all know the true sign of holidays around the corner is getting the Neiman Marcus Book in the mail.

I love, love, love the Neiman Marcus Book. It's part catalog, part magazine and tells you everything that's going to be hot for the holidays. Aside from all the normal products, it comes with a special beauty book inside with the highlights of the season.

The Scent Event - much like the famed beauty event, but with fragrances instead. Any purchase of $85 or more earns you a gold wristlet filled with samples and freebies. I'm currently loving Jo Malone French Lime layered with Nectarine Blossom & Honey Colognes, Rock N Rose by Valentino, and Creed Fleurs de Bulgarie.

Laura Mercier Signature Collection Beauty Book

A palette containing all the basic for lips, eyes, and cheeks. Three lip colors, three eyeshadows, two blushes, and an eyeliner all for $45. This is totally something that I would drop in my purse and keep with me to change from day to night on the run. And, there's also the complete beauty library with separate eye, cheek and lip "books" for

Becca Mesmerise Holiday Set

I only use Becca products on my skin. This is the only line that I've found that has a range of colors for all women. Typically, lines that do skin color for women give us three colors - light, medium and dark. They never match and you either end up looking like you have mud on your face (a la Dawn in the early episodes of the last season of Making The Band) or you have the chalky powder face. Becca has so many different shades and actually adjusts the undertones for each so that you get a perfect match.

Needless to say, I am in love with Becca and everything that she makes. The Holiday Mesmerize Set comes with the perfect pinks for lips and cheeks and dark shadows and liners for the perfect smoky eye for that fabulous New Year's Eve party that you'll be going to. It comes in a white leather pouch, but I can basically guarantee that it will end up in a pile for goodwill.

Estee Lauder Holiday Shimmer Compact Collection

I have a thing for pretty and fancy compacts. Something about the beauty of touching up your nose with products in a truly beautiful case just speaks to my soul. I actually own quite a few, that really don't get much use because they tend to be heavy and weigh down my purses, but I continue to buy them. I tell myself that when I have a daughter, I'll have them engraved and pass them down to her on the night of her debutante ball. Truthfully, I'll probably just keep them for myself but we all have noble aspirations.

Well, here's another one that I'm adding to my collection. These compacts come filled with Estee's Lucidity Pressed Powder that's completely refillable. I'm partial to the Golden Tartan design on the left. But, I'm also leaning towards the Beautiful Coliseum solid perfume compact too.

And, although this isn't beauty, I do have my fashion picks for the season. I mean really, what's the point of having flawless makeup if your outfit is a damn mess??

Shop early, buy gifts for your loved ones and yourself, make sure you wrap them in fabulous paper, and don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


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