Thursday, November 09, 2006

Strength Training

Ms. New Beauty has been incredibly busy with school, representing clients, and trying to maintain a reasonable amount of fabulousness about her. But, she's really been in training for her version of the New York City Marathon, Lucky Shops. This means dutifully paying on her credit card so she has pelnty of room to play, doing arm curls so that she can support the weight of those shopping bags, and planning the perfect outfit for trying on shoes in a pinch - she finally decided on a t-shirt dress with legging and flat slip on boots. Everything goes on, off and under quickly so that trying on jeans and shoes is so, so simple. Although MNB doesn't anticipate trying on too much since she prides herself in knowing her size in all the brands she wears. Now, she and her Partner in Crime are headed into the city to get a good spot in line so they can bust right through the doors as soon as they open.

I'll be back with a regular update and a special recap of all the fabulous things I bought.

Shop til you drop, but don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


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