Thursday, May 31, 2007

Slang for Hot Dog

Ms. New Beauty has been buried under boxes for the past week or so trying to pack up and move out of her apartment. It's amazing how much stuff an avid shopper and product junkie like MNB can accumulate over the course of three short years. She's been purging all kinds of stuff and putting everything else in cardboard. Cleaning out some old files, Ms. New Beauty came across old pictures and papers from her freshman year of college and of course, she got to reminiscing.

Now, MNB went through a moderate case of culture shock during her first semester of college, being a 17 year old from the fast moving Northeast transplanted to the slow, tortoise-worthy pace of the deep South. Besides the change of pace and adjusting to the heat and humidity, adapting to the language barrier was the hardest part for Ms. New Beauty. Some of her southern classmates had accents so thick, MNB could barely hold conversation with them. But at least they were speaking English. Ms. New Beauty had the hardest time understanding what her friends from the Midwest (and by Midwest she means Detroit) were saying. Their slang was so different to her. They didn't go to the movies, they went to "the show." Didn't drink soda, they drank "pop." But the strangest one for MNB was what they called hot dogs. Oscar Mayer doesn't make hot dogs or even franks. Detroit people called them "Coney Islands." What?!?!? MNB never saw that one coming but she still loves her people from "The D." Well, here's to another Coney Island namesake, although this one smells much better than the pork variety.

Bond No. 9 Coney Island

Coney Island is the newest scent from Bond No. 9, the company that made its mark by formulating perfumes representing the many neighborhoods of New York City. This one is definitely going to be one of the go-to scents for summer. The very idea behind creating this blend was to take the smell of fun and put it in a bottle. Mission accomplished!

Blending notes of margarita mix, melon guave, cinnamon, chocolate, caramel, vanilla and more, Bond No. 9 has taken all of your favorite summer time treats, put them in a glass bottle and shaken it up. Now, with that list of ingredients, you would think that it would smell absolutely crazy, like a 6 year old's dirty laundry after a long day at summer camp, but trust me, it doesn't! The margarita mix is the strongest scent and gives this perfume a nice lemony citrus scent. When I smelled it, I instantly thought of Lemon Water Ice. Yes, I know that technically, "water ice" sounds like an oxymoron, but it is one of my favorite summer time treats and lemon is the best flavor. Philly people will definitely agree with me on this one. There is also something slightly outdoorsy about this scent to me. You all know I do not have a perfumer's nose, so scent is all about the evocative nature of the perfume for me and the things it makes me feel. This one takes me to a backyard barbecue, sitting in a lawn chair in a white sundress and wedge heels, drinking my lemon water ice right out of the cup, no spoon. This is definitely my fun summertime perfume.

$125, available at

Smell sweet for summer, and get yourself a water ice if you've never had one, but just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


Jennifer said...

Good luck with the moving!
haha I love the shape and color of that perfume bottle!

Traci said...

Originally from Los Angeles, I lived in Michigan for six years. It was definitely a culture for me too. When someone asked me what kind of pop I wanted with a puzzled look on my face, I responded by saying, "Excuse me." It was an interesting experience, but I'm so glad to be back home. Good luck with the move and your next endeavor.

The Ghetto Fashionista said...

Hey MNB!- can I just tell you that Bond 9 fragrances are my new obsession? I LOVE Chinatown and purchased it during a recent visit to NY. Now I have to go and catch a whiff of Coney Island. Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

MNB I was looking for your review of Christian Dior's new scent...Miss Cherie & de la renta's Celebration.
Totally obsessed with them! What summer scents do you recommend??

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