Monday, June 04, 2007

Comments for a Cure

Ms. New Beauty is a passionate public servant. She relishes the opportunity to use whatever skills or influence she has to help someone else. She does however find it tacky to brag about giving back, so she will not be listing her service initiatives here. But, MNB will always use what power or influence she has a blogger to help others when she can.

So, when the creator of the Beauty Blog Network approached her to participate in a breast cancer awareness project in the blogosphere, she couldn't say no. Starting today, participating blogs will be hosting "Comments for a Cure." The concept is simple - for every comment that readers leave from June 4 - 6, Ms. New Beauty and the other participating bloggers will be donating a dollar, up to $250, to a breast cancer charity. MNB has chosen the Celebrating Life Foundation to receive her donation. Celebrating Life focuses on educating women of color about breast cancer risks and reducing the prevalence of this disease in these communities. For more information about how breast cancer affects black women, click here.

Comments for a Cure also has a fabulous gift bag going up for auction on eBay and a number of other promotions to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness. And, there are a ton of other bloogers participating, so make the rounds and leave comments for all of them. Check the full list of participants and other promotions out at Comments for a Cure.

Leave a comment and join in the fight against breast cancer, but just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


WhoseMommy said...

Commenting for a cure!

Sugarshock said...

commenting for a cure!
all the best,

Your Soror in NYC! said...

Awesome initiative Ms New Beauty!

Your Soror in NYC! said...

Awesome initiative Ms. New Beauty!

Anonymous said...

Very admirable use of your internet sway. If youve got a following, you may as well do the public a service.


Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea!!!
I want my comment to be in memory of someone very near to my heart....RIP Auntie Nell


Samara said...

What a great cause! I want to show my support also. I hope the comments keep pouring in for you.

Stephanie Pancratz said...

Just found your blog through google while looking for breast cancer awareness products for the next issue of Conceive Magazine. Comments for a Cure is a nice thing to do. Kudos!

Julia said...

Commenting for a cure.

nikki said...

Thanking you for your attention to Breast Cancer Awareness....your reward will be great ....whatsoever a man reaps, that will he also sow...God Bless

Anonymous said...

love your site! congrats on your graduation!

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