Thursday, July 12, 2007

Spa La Land

So by now, we all know that Ms. New Beauty graduated last month. Well a few weeks ago, she was out to brunch celebrating someone else and she got the most fabulous graduation gift. She opened a pretty red envelope to find that eleven of her beautiful line sisters got her a $350 gift certificate to Spa Finder!!!!! Yup, that means Ms. New Beauty has a nice chunk of money to spend at any one of thousands of spas around the country. She could get a mani in Manhattan, a facial in Philly, body wrap in Boston. You get the point. After a gift like that, Ms. New Beauty was on cloud nine. Truth be told, she still is as she tries to decide exactly what to get. Anyway, MNB could not figure out the right way to truly thank these beautiful women for their gift. A handwritten note on good stationery? Of course, that's a given. But, Ms. New Beauty needed a way to make it more personal. And what did she come up with? A wallet sized picture of her in a deep cleansing face mask! Honestly, who couldn't use a pint size pic of MNB to carry around next to her driver's license? The ladies can't see me enjoying my spa gift, but at least they'll know what I look like at the spa. And now, so do all of the other New Beauties in the world.

Ms. New Beauty bought that green mask in the picture just on a whim at the beauty supply store. But to her surprise, she found that she really liked it. Instead of just being used for pictorial purposes, this mask has earned a prime spot in MNB's medicine cabinet, right next to a very similar mask that costs 4 times more. And, thus we have the latest installation of Ms. New Beauty's Cheap & Chic.

Green Face Mask

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Face Mask, $14


Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, about $3 at drugstores

I've been using The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil face mask since I was a teenager. I read in a magazine that tea tree oil helps to fight acne, so I ran out and went to the first place I could think of that might carry it. Back then, the only place in the suburbs to get cosmetics with natural ingredients was The Body Shop. So this mask has a special place in my heart.

But, I'm really falling for the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque (dontcha just love how they spell it "masque" like it's a luxury French product even though they sell it in drugstores?). I've been walking past this product in the store for years and years. And, never until a few days ago did I have any desire to try it. I was in Sally Beauty Supply looking for something totally hair related and decided to throw this in the basket on a whim. I am so glad I did. As soon as I opened the jar, my first thought was about how much it looked like the Tea Tree Oil mask from The Body Shop. It has the same texture and thick, claylike consistency (which is a godsend for oily skin like mine). The color's almost the same. The main difference is that the Mint Julep feels cool and tingly on your skin. It's designed to help fight blemishes also and can be used as an overnight spot treatment for problem pimples.

The one thing that initially worried me about comparing the Queen Helene to The Body Shop was the lack of tea tree oil. I like to make sure that my Cheap & Chic comparisons as on par as possible. I mean who wants to read a post claiming that vaseline works just as well as Nars Body Glow for shiny legs??? I am not trying to be the Sandra Lee of the beauty blogging community. So, I did my research on the Mint Julep - I went right to the ingredients list. Holding the two jars of mask side by side, I saw that of the main four ingredients, three were exactly the same. Reading The Beauty Brains has taught me that the main ingredients listed first on the label are the ones most responsible for how a product works. So, I can say confidently that the Queen Helene worked just as well for me as The Body Shop.

Go green on your face while you save some money, give extra special thanks to the people who love you, and this time tell a friend that Ms. New Beauty told you!

P.S. If you want to get a spa gift for yourself or someone else, look to your left! As of this week, Spa Finder is an official Ms. New Beauty sponsor. Show them some love.


CHIC NOIR said...

I've been using this product for years. This stuff really works.

Anonymous said...

what wouldn't i have done w/o a grand pic of you w/ a face mask on. Thanks!!!

Samantha said...

Ms. New Beauty, I love your blog! Am adding you to my Delightful Divas Blogroll immediately!

Ms. New Beauty said...


Skin Care Beauty Zone said...

hi buddy

woow ur post is credible,i am addicted to ur post buddy,what u have said abt"tea tree oil" is true,it helps to fight acne.i will try to use this product from now onwards anyways u have done a fabulous stuff.

Anonymous said...

This Queen Helene mask really does work, and it helps that you can find it at your nearest drugstore and it doesn't break the bank. I have been using it for the past year, and when I foresee a breakout, this stuff has been my savior

Dominican Enigma said...

The Mint Julep mask is amazing. It is a staple in my beuaty regimen.

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