Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Centennial Wishes and Champagne Dreams

Ms. New Beauty was so busy yesterday that it seems like she was only home long enough to change clothes. See, yesterday was a very special day for Ms. New Beauty and about 200,000 other ladies on this planet. January 15, 2008 was the 100th anniversary of the creation of the nation's first and finest organization founded for and by black college women - Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. (You absolutely must learn more about AKA's contributions and history if you don't know already by clicking here!) To commemorate the occasion, MNB and several of her sorority sisters threw a nice little social hour (that grew into a social four hours!) at the wonderful Honey in New York City. It was a night of singing, chanting, socializing and celebrating. MNB and the girls also enjoyed some of Honey's amazing martinis, including the group favorite called the Champagne Dream. But, after all the celebrating, and mad cap shopping that occurred beforehand, Ms. New Beauty was definitely looking worse for the wear when she woke up this morning. Luckily for her, MNB knows that the easiest way to disguise the effects of a long night is by using less, not more, makeup and using only the shades that will brighten and freshen her complexion.

DiorBlush in Peachy Keen

My typical blush choice tends to be my never fail Flush, a deep raspberry shade that gives me a subtle windkissed look. But, on days when I'm not 100%, that berry can a little too much color for my face. That berry can get a little garish on my off days. The secret to not looking sick, or tired, or hung over, or whatever, is by keeping your makeup as understated as possible. Use as little makeup as you can get away with and keep the look as natural as you can. Just cover the imperfections and leave the rest alone.

So, on days like these, this light peachy blush is perfect. It gives my cheeks just a hint of color to keep my complexion from falling flat. It warms up my face and highlights my cheek bones. What I really love about this blush is that it comes with two peach shades - one is richer and the other has a little more shimmer. You could use just one or the other, but I just swirl a big fluffy brush through them both and sweep it on. With my complexion, it seems like I can never use too much. I can layer it on and layer it on and the look still works. But that just could be my coloring, I'd suggest that you start with one application and go from there.

$34, available at Sephora (oh, and I know that the picture on Sephora's website makes this shade look like a garish purple and brown combo, but just ignore that. The pic above is much more representative of what it really looks like).

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit

On days like this, I skip the foundation and just go for concealer in the spots where I need it. When you're out of it, a whole face of makeup tends to just draw attention to the fact that you're out of it. I go with blush, like I said above, big mascara, and creamy concealer under my eyes. Typically that's all I need to look fresh and natural, despite what I may really be feeling.

This is the only concealer I use on my eye area. The creamy texture literally melts right into my skin and brightens my under eye area. I swear by this on days like this, when I'd rather bury myself under the covers than be awake and in the land of the living. What I really love is that this is pretty much mistake proof. Just use your ring finger (it's the weakest finger on you hand), swirl it into the concealer and then just tap it under your eyes. It melts right into your skin and looks ridiculously natural. This concealer kit also comes with the loose yellow setting powder in a sifter connected to the concealer compact. Just take an eye brush and sweep a little of this powder on top of the concealer to lock it in all day long. I love Bobbi's eye blender brush for that part.

$32, available at Bobbi Brown counters and the Bobbi Brown website

Happy Centennial to all my Alpha Kappa Alpha sorors, and stay looking great throughout all the celebrations, just don't forget that Ms. New Beauty told you!


Dae said...

I absolutely love your blog, you always have great tips. I have bought so many products that I would have never known about thanks to you. Keep making the world more beauty-full, one post at a time!

Skee-Wee My Soror!


rebelleBAP said...

Happy Birthday Soror!!!



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