Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ice, Ice Baby

Brrrr! It's colder than a mutha outside today! Here in New York, the temperature would not budge above 25 degrees today and the wind was whipping around corners like The Fast and The Furious. But, it's not just in the North that people are freezing, Ms. New Beauty heard from a friend in Miami that people down there had to bust out the parkas. Granted, Miami peeps put on the winter clothes when the temperature gets close to 60, but cold is cold. MNB has finally gotten herself back home and put her toes firmly in front of the heater. A status check shows that her tootsies are still cold, so a hot bath is going to be the only cure for this case of chills. Ms. New Beauty has the bad habit of making her bath so hot that her skin can barely take the heat. Once her skin does adjust to the water, it's the rest of MNB that starts to revolt. Her brow starts to sweat. Her throat gets dry and thirsty. She can't take the heat, but Ms. New Beauty won't get out of the kitchen, or bathroom as it were. Well, she's not going to run cooler bath water, so MNB will just bring herself a bottle of water and a tube of some very chilly face product into the bath with her.

Lumene Arctic Touch Deep Cleansing Peat Mask

As a general rule, I'm not really a mask girl. I'm all about exfoliating. All about toning and moisturizing. All about spot treatments and special attention for the eyes. With all of that everyday, I very rarely remember to use the masks that I have. And so, I pretty much rely on the drugstore offerings when it comes to face masks. If something's gonna sit in my medicine cabinet, largely untouched, I'd rather that something only cost me $9, and not $90. I was killing some time in a CVS a few months ago when I just picked this up on a whim. It looked interesting enough and the price was right, so I bought it.

The last time that I was planning a bath, I happened to reach for this. I wanted the whole "spa experience" and I knew that I was going to be sweating within five minutes, so this seemed the perfect pick from my product closet. This mask is thick and a brownish-gray like most clay masks. What I loved about it though was the icy cool feeling on my skin when I applied it. At first, I just figured that was the basic cool of any liquid, but the feeling lasted. It stayed cool and tingly for the entire 15 minutes that I had it on my face. So much so, I thought that the mask hadn't dried. The feeling was downright delightful and the perfect companion to an almost skin scorching bath. After rinsing, my skin was soft, but not anything out of the ordinary. It's the cool feeling that really makes this mask special.

About $8, available at CVS

Come in from the cold, but stay cool while you warm up, and this time tell a friend that Ms. New Beauty told you!

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karen said...

LOL! Very "cool" idea. I'm like that too with the bath, turning it up so hot. I'm like a boiled egg.

But I can't help myself, girl! I like it hot!!

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